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5/29/2017 c1 DasPeas
I believe this might be a glorious fanfic
5/25/2017 c1 He-With-Many-Hyphens
Huh. I never read 40k but I used to watch my dad paint and play using the miniatures. And I played the Xbox game so after some investigation of the wikia I have a decent basis as to what's going on. I dig it. We need more worm fics. I'm curious to see where this leads
5/25/2017 c1 Rydralle
This looks promising, I hope you update soon. I really like the fight scenes, it's like watching a film.
5/23/2017 c1 1The-Black-Prince-Thomas
Followed with much hope.
Most Worm/40k are not done well but this shows promise.
5/21/2017 c1 CamFou182
You should probably work on the scene transitions. This is pretty well written and has an interesting premise, but I was thrown off by how she was walking home one moment and then reminiscing on her skull filled art project the week before.
5/20/2017 c1 9Antony444
Nice beginning. Hope there will more for this story.
5/19/2017 c1 1drakonpie250
It was awesome.
5/19/2017 c1 lucavento
Really nice star looking forward to where you take this story
5/18/2017 c1 SahrotToorDu
Great premise, well written, however you need to work on the scene transition. One moment she is walking home the next, with no buffer, she's at school again being confronted by Emma. Such a sudden transition is rather jarring and confusing. I had to back track and figure out what just happened. Overall great story so far, but I suggest going back and adding a few paragraphs to help with the scene transitions.
5/18/2017 c1 ChaosCommisar
Personally, i love stories where the Big E gets personally involved. Followed.
5/15/2017 c1 alex.rushing.5
Favved for shitz and giggles.
5/15/2017 c1 1SkyCaptain502
Definitely like where this is headed, faved and followed. I would recommend putting in line breaks in-between changes in scenes, would make things much easier to follow.
5/15/2017 c1 scifi11
Great beginning! Continue the good work.
5/14/2017 c1 1Sechs
Contessa must have the Mother of all headaches right now.
5/14/2017 c1 The Neocount of Merentha
Loved the first chapter keep it up.
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