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3/2 c28 Dalriaden
Glad this is still going and looking forward to more.
Hopefully we can actually get to the tech buildup and chain glave. The pacing and while it's a fun read all the go go go while leaving behind everything else the emperor has to offer is a downer.
Especially knowing after the teeth it's going to be the nine.
3/1 c15 9AMAZING EZ-8
" like a rabid dog in an orphanage"

I think the more appropriate place would be "like a priest in a room of qior boys "

" a sex offendor in a orphanage"

For more pg ones
"A kid in a room full of candy "
" a drug addict in a cocaine plant"
" a fat man in a all you can eat dinner"

For war hammer ones
"Like green skins in the warp/ hive fleet " ( they like to fight, in the warp they will have no shortage of things trying to fight them)
" like lorgar near some quior boys"
" like any sleneshi cultist near a hill of warp dust"
" like the blood ravens near any armory"(steal,steal, steal rain!)
" like how big e sodomized horous so hard he died"
" like a deamon invasion on a paradise/ defenceless world"
" like the catan in the war in heaven""(as they ate the necron souls)
" a trynid hive fleet on a paradise world/ agri world"

On a side not i like talor's plan to sodomize eden and zion for fking with humanity then punting the endbgingers so hard that they go into super death
3/1 c28 Hunter19941
eta on update?
3/1 c1 AMAZING EZ-8
the begianeing i played string storm's "chaird bound prankster"

holy shiet it felt epic
the writeing is epic

idk the lore and story about worm but i just want good stories about the emps
2/27 c28 2Gizmo Gear

Ah well, I'm alright with waiting a while for high quality chapters. Can't wait to see the outcome of Taylor vs The Butcher round 2.
2/21 c12 Gizmo Gear
Coil is just...really digging himself a deep deep grave, isn't he?
2/19 c1 E
Upon rereading I can't help but think of that bit from One-punch where Saitama is disappointed that all the telekinetic did with his powers was to make rocks fly fast. I can't take that seriously anymore.

Also, name seems kind of weird. Definitely not bog-standard like Aquila (which is good, if boring). Just feels weird.
Didn't bug me when I read what was out for this a while ago, but it just is not really a name I see associating with someone who is supposed to be the reincarnation of Revelation. I have always and always will think that is the best of the Emperor's names, so I've always wanted to see that used in a crossover.

Ah, whatever. Writing's still solid so I'll keep on with my reread to catch up.
2/13 c19 Zsombi
The challenges the MC keeps facing, especially with this independent clone of themselves, somehow feel too forced. Their purpose appears to be only providing greater and greater challenges. I don't think ahe needs escalating conflicts.. Iean she has great potential but she's been willingly puttering around bumbling left and right without any real goal wasting time.
I'm not saying, that she should have necessarily hunkered down training and building up, but she should have been thinking a little ahead instead of jumping into every new event heedless of reasons and consequences.
2/11 c28 Three Ducks
2/8 c28 robert.douglass.3.504.pir
What strikes me as curious is Taylor's power armour. Has she deliberately attempted to pattern her armour after that of the Adeptus Astartes? Is she a Beaky Girl?
2/5 c28 Shadow Sword
2/5 c28 Guest
Wow, amazing
2/6 c28 4Greatazuredragon
Nice chapter, loved 'guide tour' Taylor.
Good work, keep it up.
2/4 c28 Guest
2/6 c20 Graypdrink
How did the prt find out taylors name, only ones there were the wards all prt troopers were dead. Surely the wards wouodnt say shit, unwritten rule and wat not.
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