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6/5/2023 c35 cameron1812
This pause in the cell for MS protocols is awesome. So much development! Thank you!
6/5/2023 c35 ShadowCub
And this is why no one should be making clones.
6/5/2023 c35 1Wolfman217
On one hand, YAY update, on the other, this chapter is again purely about playing nice with the Wards and the PRT/Protectorate.

I'm glad Taylor is thinking about Luna though...hopefully at some point the thought that 'is Luna really an enemy?' crosses her mind. Because she's actually not. Luna doesn't WANT to fight Taylor, she's preparing to because she knows Taylor will come after her, but everything she's doing is meant to help Taylor lead humanity and destroy the parasites.

Again, Luna has the potential to be a great reverse Horus.

Horus - a son purposely created to be a great general who becomes the second in command and greatest son but who is taken and corrupted by force by an enemy and becomes the Emperors greatest enemy.

Luna - a daughter accidentally created to be a corrupt copy by an enemy in order to become the 'Empress' greatest enemy but who actively decides not to be and becomes her greatest daughter and general and second in command.

Would literally be a equal and opposite Horus.

It would be such a fucking waste if there's a whole massive arc of Taylor vs Luna that ends with Taylor killing her. 1) because Luna is really not actually an enemy and so it would be a waste of effort and a distraction from ACTUAL enemies and 2) because she's got such great potential as a second in command and ally and given what Taylor is going up against she'd be shooting herself in the foot.

Also, Luna actually does have a conscience, not much of one at them moment but she is changing actually quite rapidly and part of that is she is actually growing a conscience - she's becoming an actually person and not just 'evil clone'. She's actually just Taylor but more traumatized and with no hesitation. After all Taylor would actually do a lot of what Luna has done if she wasn't so worried about how people would react.
6/5/2023 c34 1FreeTraderBeowolf
Review the man says. Well here it comes. In this corner, Circ stands with the glory of the Imperium shining bright. And in the other corner is her challenger Lung, the Dragon of Kyushu. A clash of Titans to be sure. Alas the Dragon had lost, he just didn't know it.
6/5/2023 c34 finstermunker
Somehow missed that one of my top three favorite fanfics on this site updated. So glad to see more of this, to see a master run into Taylor and emps. Also so happy for Luna good in her for achieving her dreams.
6/5/2023 c34 AnimeA55Kicker
Well Taylor is female, so she does possess the internal equipment to make a Primarch if yah know what I mean…
6/5/2023 c35 j01010100
What is this? Can it be? A new update?

All joking aside, I really enjoyed the lastest chapter even if I had to go back and read the last few just remember what's happening. Can't wait for the next one... whenever it comes.
6/5/2023 c35 Coolman1365
I’m so happy the story is still alive and going
5/6/2023 c34 robert.douglass.3.504.pir
I was actually incorrect about comparing Luna with Horus Lupercal. Another commenter was more accurate in comparing her to Lorgar Aurelian. Luna has been attempting to recreate the Cult Imperialis, so it would make sense to label her a Word Bearer instead of a Luna Wolf. But her methods, however, lean more towards a blend of Word Bearer and Night Haunter, I think.
5/6/2023 c34 robert.douglass.3.504.pir
And so Taylor now shall meet her own Horus. Begin now the Luna Heresy!
5/2/2023 c34 Guest
This is good. A fun story...I'm not a huge fan of Luna though. Hoping she kicks it in the next couple chapters so all of your words are back focused on Taylor...just a selfish want though. Thanks for the story.
4/30/2023 c18 Guest
Wow. This got pretty metal pretty quick...but then, Worm.

Thanks for the chapter!
5/1/2023 c34 psp reader
Luna Wolves? lol
4/26/2023 c34 3MasterXMaster
I've read all the chapters of your fic in three days. Excellent work. I really liked it. Sorry for not reviewing every chapter. Now I'll wait for the next one. Thanks for all your efforts.
4/14/2023 c16 rob270031
as a non guest review I must say I love your story. Taylor starting the fic with curb stomp levels of power but not the experience to use it and dropping to "lol nope" after her rep is set with lung and showing her creativity is an amazing development and lets us see how far she can go. also the fact that she is running with the power copier theme makes everything 100 times more amusing especially if she deliberately leans into it. finally your depiction of the emperor is just beautiful. I always see him depicted in fics and books as imposing and all powerful or the distant wise mentor. here you have him cutting loose since he is guiding one young girl and doesn't need to keep all humanity in line and can instead be the slightly dorky uncle who dotes on his favorite niece. this story is amazing
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