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2/6/2022 c28 4Greatazuredragon
Nice chapter, loved 'guide tour' Taylor.
Good work, keep it up.
2/4/2022 c28 Guest
2/6/2022 c20 Graypdrink
How did the prt find out taylors name, only ones there were the wards all prt troopers were dead. Surely the wards wouodnt say shit, unwritten rule and wat not.
2/4/2022 c28 IndolentElephant
I really wish this story was also on Space Battles so we could get Omakes and Fan Art
2/5/2022 c28 DiveLord
Yeah, the CPS thing was always one of the dumbest decisions of the “normals” after the Empire names got leaked. Let’s go take the small child of the formerly violent criminal who’s nearly at Legend’s power level before we even know if said criminal was apprehended. Guess Tats couldn’t hold it back forever. That said, I am much more interested in Round 2 and seeing Taylor bull a Bane on the Butcher.
2/4/2022 c28 2SpicyArbiter
Circ talks mad shit
2/4/2022 c28 EzuTheDarkLord
great chapter love it
2/4/2022 c8 Sypho Dias
lol we need a continuation of this PHO interlude. Taylor did turn up as a tinker later. the conversations must have been hilarious then. we really gotta see them.
2/4/2022 c28 75Arthur Hansen
Did Fletchette's overgrown crossbow with the chain winch get broken? It's her canon tinker-tech weapon she uses to roof hop on her own?
2/4/2022 c6 Ptitkactus
My god... For someone with the Emperor of Mankind in her brain she's so weak...You really should have chosen another psyker to insert ou n your story :( And where her total lack of situational awareness coming from? With a delta level of power she can't even tell what is directly around her?...
2/4/2022 c27 Sebine
Allfather* actually
Kaisers dad was Richard Anders aka Allfather, a Blaster who could generate blades from nothing and then impart velocity on them.
2/4/2022 c28 1ShadeslayerX
taylor is getting into the emperor's bad habit of not using enough force when needed. good work :D
2/4/2022 c28 2Sage Nameless
I love Flechette's crush on Taylor
2/4/2022 c28 Josiador
The Mighty Gloriana Class Battleship Taylor x Flechette has launched. May it go far.
2/4/2022 c28 1ThatDrocker59
Damn, I love it when Taylor cuts loose a bit and wipes the floor with people. Two dead and the threat of a complete enemy team wipe to finish the chap. Perfect.
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