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10/18 c31 Blaze1992
Oh my that is a very large boot coming into frame.
10/15 c31 shugokage
Great job on this chapte!
10/15 c31 robert.douglass.3.504.pir
Bring it on, I say!

One other thing I'll say - that Luna chippie is squigshit crazy. But at least she has vision. I'm starting to see a future after Luna's Cult Imperialis has hit the ground running and word has spread all the way to Brockton Bay. Taylor hears about it, gets mad as fuck and decides to deal with her clone daughter, gathering a squad of the finest Capes in the Bay and heads down to Little Rock or wherever this place is, and they're met on the ground by a fire team of Space Marines in power armour and Bolters, who don't try to kill them but to harass them and draw them to a specific place, where Taylor has to go in, and when she gets in there she sees something waiting for her - a set of The Emperor's golden power armour, crafted by Luna herself. Luna is there too, and she challenges Taylor, telling her that the armour is for her, but she has to earn it.
10/10 c8 1recline
These insults are epic
10/7 c31 Guest
so cool
10/9 c31 7raw666
Good job and I wonder if Cauldron will react differently once they find out Taylor's power is purely human. Not a shard.
10/8 c31 Engineer455
"Oh, Contessa and I have a plan for that. Don't worry about it Rebecca. If the time comes, wel'll make sure she's safe. Whether she wants to be or not."

yeah, sure thing lady.
You try that shit and Taylor is definitely going to start shooting Mind Bullets.
10/8 c31 1Wolfman217
I really like Luna - she's done more in just the short time she's been around then Taylor has.

350,000 words and all Taylor is is Piggot's version of Hookwolf. Taylor hasn't made/started her own organisation - hell she hasn't even laid the groundwork for it. How is she meant to kill Scion or the Endbringers and then actually keep humanity together if she neither has supporters, followers, or even anything more than crude power armour.

She needs to become the fucking goddamn Empress and stop pussy footing around.
10/8 c31 TheUnknowableOne
Many thanks for the chapter!~
10/7 c31 xbox432
Seriously? They have conversations like this and still legitimately think they're the saviors of the world... It's like watching Dick Dastardly monologue to himself.

And Luna... already starting a cult in mommy's name. Ah, they grow up so fast. Heh, the only comparison I have for her entire section was the show "Dexter". Yes, she's an insane monster. But her entire bit here was torturing and killing even worse monsters so it becomes really hard not to root for her. I'm curious to see if she succeeds.
10/7 c31 13feauxen
It sounds to me like Doctor Mother thinks she can contain Circaetus. And...she might even be right. But she's probably not, and that frustrates me greatly because attempting to do something like that WOULD sour her to Cauldron exactly like they're afraid of.

Who knows, maybe Cauldron isn't taking stupid pills in this one. It's always a nice surprise, if only because it's so pitifully rare.
10/7 c31 Hunter1933
great new chapter, keep up the good work
10/7 c31 2Gizmo Gear
Man, I am *loving* the work you're doing with Luna's character.
10/7 c31 11chm01
So Luna has become Taylor's own Conrad, Lorgar and Perturabo, I just hope she doesn't end up the same way the emperor did.
10/7 c31 2Diaspared
I do love that where most authors would make the "evil" clone want to kill their progenitor, Luna wants to turn her into a living god, regardless of Taylor's wishes. It's such a different kind of conflict to have, where the clone is less evil and more utterly ruthless.

I hope Taylor lets her stick around when she inevitably shows up, she's a fun contrast. It would be amusing for her to turn Cauldron into a pseudo-imperial cult.
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