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3/26 c19 coolishable
"I won't let you be my Horus."

Was this all really just for a ham-fisted parallel?

Either way, I've been really enjoying this story until now but this entire Luna situation has felt incredibly weak/forced. And at the end Noelle was more easily neutralized than the singular clone? Like none of it made any sense. There was no consistency outside for the sake of having Taylor's clone monologue continuously for like 15k words or however much it was.

I think the art of writing is to hide the truth we all know that everything is arbitrarily decided by the author in stories. This was done especially poorly here. Nothing was hidden. Everything was very obviously unnatural. Pretty disappointing.
3/21 c40 Guest
3/22 c40 cameron1812
Nilborg- super dark but very cool!
3/22 c40 Shandrakor
Well, nicely done. My headcannon is that they have tried to kill him in the past and killed off the Fake goblin king part only to have him reappear as they missed the parahuman being the throne as it were.
3/22 c40 1Wolfman217
You just know a part of Luna internally squeed at the head pat and "kiddo" even if it was done jokingly.
3/21 c40 1CrookedPizza
Well goddamn. That last line hits hard, kudos and thanks for the chappy
3/16 c13 daimahou
Guess flaying the soul and mind out of a woman is not considered killing... The husk is still alive, see?
3/2 c9 Inanityt
Apparently, the most frustrating thing about this story is that the author doesn't learn, doesn't correct mistakes, even though he's been writing this story for 7 years..
3/2 c8 Inanityt
In seven years, the author wrote only 440,000 words... Hmmm... We won't see the end of this.

Also, the author dumbs down both the Emperor and Taylor for the sake of epic fights.
2/23 c39 TralliE
Really like the story, the flow, the dialogue, the narrative, it's all impressively well thought out and executed, and the source materials are really well represented.
The only flaw, in my opinion, and I'm not sure that it is a flaw or intended for character development later, is how Taylor behaves. Despite all the knowledge and support she has in the form of the Emperor, she acts like the insane lovechild of an ork and Spiderman; heedlessly rushing into battle with glee whilst flinging quips, only kept alive by her status as an eternal and her ever growing access to the emperor's powers. She never fights efficiently, even when situations would immensely benefit from her doing so, she lets her opponents get back up, she releases them so that they can both clash again, she nearly never goes for crippling or even dissabling blows, and most frustratingly; she consistantly redirects her focus from enemies which she could take out of the fight in favour of someone else, giving them time to recover.
Spoilers ahead:
As a reader, we never get the sense that Taylor ever sits propperly down and uses what is arguably her greatest strength, either; the Emperor's knowledge. Sure she makes some basic armor, and even some rudimentary powerarmor and weapons, and yes she talks about setting up a company, but it always seems to be secondary, or tertiary even, to anything and everything else she has going on.
End of spoiler.
So, yeah. A really fleshed out and fabulous story, with the only annoyance as a reader being Taylor's battle lust, which is completely understandable and reasonable as a character flaw, even a great one for the purpouses of limiting her influence and power, but at some point it feels like Taylor needs to sit her ass down and build up a powerbase and powermultipliers, and to stop pissing around in fights, though hopefully still quipping and mocking her opponents.
2/13 c4 scyfly
yeah this is going nowhere
2/13 c4 scyfly
someone points a cannon at you, being the smart psychic you are you dont push the gun upwards, no you curse and put up a shield.

sigh is this just gonna be one endless streak of bad decissions?
2/13 c3 scyfly
she gets in four sucker punches to a non brute junkie but still lets him turn it around? it seems whatever happens has little to do with the outcome
2/13 c3 scyfly
i want to say the way taylor goes about things is very amateurishly but then she is a teenage girl with a martyr complex till she blows up. so in that aspect well done. doesnt make it any less annoying though
2/13 c2 scyfly
leaving school is a weakness...

imma gonna stay and suffer in silence instead of taking my exams and do something usefull.

that sounds like a great plan
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