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9/4 c30 Dalriaden
Second read through and it's still enjoyable, biggest complaint is still we had a longer coil arc than her doing any sort of tech development for her costume. Emps watched humanity for over 30k years, Canon Taylor made her suit over something like four months, this one goes apeshit right off the bat.

I get there was heavy shard fuckery going but it's still weird we're this far in and she's basically wearing Tony's cave built ironman suit.
9/4 c7 Dalriaden
Ah second time reading through this and I still don't get her logic in not building up at all. I mean canon wise she had her power for what, four months before going out? This time she cant be arsed to telekinetically bend some scrap iron into a guard outfit?
8/13 c30 ErnestTheGuy
I'm gonna need to reread everything again. But that isn't a chore at all
8/5 c7 Guest
Taylor is too dumb. She was better in canon. Maybe it's the Imperor's influence. He wasn't very bright.
8/2 c30 3Murasame999
love it! can't wait to see more!
7/19 c4 Guest
how did this become so popular i will never understand
7/21 c30 SaintOfReach
Read this whole thing in one sitting! Looking forward to the next update :)
7/19 c29 2obsidian-fox
I laughed aloud at the Armsmaster puns joke.
7/19 c28 obsidian-fox
If we're getting a review of capes, would have been good to introduce rumors of sightings of new triggers for each gang.
7/19 c9 2Exivus
Not gonna lie, the de-powering thing is kinda disappointing. I mean she wasn't overpowered before, but this is lame. I hope she gets back to her previous level soon.
7/17 c22 1AsynchronousTextureStreaming
nice javik quote
7/17 c6 2obsidian-fox
Why is Taylor so incompetent in this encounter? She wasn't tracking or guiding Bakuda's thoughts. She even decided to leave Bakuda behind rather than arrest her when opportunity arose.
7/12 c30 Blaze1992
That ended just like I thought it would.
Though at least no CD this time.
7/12 c30 robert.douglass.3.504.pir
Good to see another chapter. Good also to see Taylor's power growing still, and it was pure bliss to see the uncomprehending terror on Rune's face as she saw Taylor's destructive power on full display. The other Empire guys respect her enough now, having at least a sense of how powerful she truly is, to want their last fight with her to be their hardest, and they even tell her to hold nothing back and give everything she's got to the fight. And she doesn't give them everything she has, but she gives them enough to make it memorable and, at least for Rune, hella frightening.

I'm betting that sometime within the new few installments the other good guys begin to see how truly powerful she might or could become, and they begin to grow by turns envious, jealous, and even scared that her growing powers might so quickly eclipse their own. Fear does funny things to a person's mind but, Emperor willing, their fear won't drive them to do something phenomenally stupid.

And of course with Luna growing her cult in Little Rock, Arkansas, or thereabouts, is it possible we might be looking at the beginnings of a small-scale Horus Heresy?
7/10 c30 1warhawkc1
It’s not a complete curbstomp and that makes it more “enjoyable” for me. I like the direction of the story and look forward to Taylor’s next bit of tech (I’d love to her clad in some Tactical Dreadnought Armor with Lightning Claws or with a Chain Fist combo (a bit like the Gauntlets of UltramarWhy not do both the CauldronLuna bits as the interlude (assuming that the length doesn’t get away from you).
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