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2/13 c2 scyfly
she isnt really using her powers all that well is she. her psychics work at a small city scale but she barely uses it more than a house in range.
2/9 c8 Guest
I really like your story. Both the concept and the writing style. That being said, there are a few points of constructive criticism that I want to mention:

1. Taylor's tendency for theatrics. She tends to engage in typical superhero / supervillain banter, and the emperor doesn't even bother advising against it. Take the Lung fight, for example. One single concentrated shot of psychic power to the brain could either turn Lung into a bumbling idiot or take out his Corona pollentia, robbing him of his powers or even killing him. Instead, she gives him time to ramp up while using half-hearted attacks and lots of banter. Stupid.

2. The lack of tech. While the emperor is not a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, I bet he has plenty of offer in terms of technology. This would basically make Taylor a tinker, and yet she doesn't immediately start gathering parts. Again, stupid.

3. The lack of power. Even if Taylor's power is reduced significantly compared to that of the Emperor, it shouldn't be to the extent that she struggles to defeat even street-level villains. Honestly, she did better with bug powers than with the powers of the fucking Emperor of Mankind, and that is a bit pathetic.
2/9 c37 61bankerrtx01
I’d like to think that Luna and Taylor would create the imperium then if Taylor takes a sabbatical Luna would step up and rule in her stead looking like Taylor’s form.
2/7 c39 Nullblaster
Seems like The Empress is just as willing to punish as she is to protect.
2/3 c39 The Normie
Can't wait for the reaction of Haven when Luna, Cynthia and Alastor get wings and show up in a endbringer fight.. That would be an interesting reaction topic for alot of the heroes..
2/2 c11 2AvidReader2425
Honestly, despite the harshness of my last comment, I really do like the overall story, and the comedic moments are great, and the action scenes are entertaining. But the way she fights drives me crazy lol. If you have a mid range weapon, stay mid range as long as possible to best make use of that weapon, before you are forced into closer, hand to hand or weapon combat. She also needs some kind of flash, bang, grenade or rooms, maybe a taser that can shoot at a mid range, distance, and again, better use of her mid range weapons against people like hookwolf. At the very least her new bio kinesis should be very entertaining.
2/2 c10 AvidReader2425
Eh, honestly, Taylor loves making bad decisions and being as efficient as possible to make sure she doesn’t really get anything done despite her capabilities. She has the ability for a variety of weapons that are good to mid and long range, but doesn’t choose them. She doesn’t care about her father, she make stupid decisions, and I’m just waiting for some horrible event like her father getting killed for her to take things seriously. Honestly, the story feels apathetic at best.
2/2 c9 AvidReader2425
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter, and I like the technological build up. I also rather enjoy the emperors, rather dry humor at times. Lastly, I assume that, as the shard, slowly withers away, it will allow further evolution of her body, to where she becomes a fool Replica base of what the emperor used to be, that’s allowing her to evolve to his heights, and may be in her own direction.
2/2 c8 AvidReader2425
Thanks for the entertaining Interlude
2/2 c7 AvidReader2425
That was an absolutely awesome and incredibly kick ass fight, although I do look forward to when she can upgrade her armor and gear.
2/1 c6 AvidReader2425
Thank you very much for another excellent chapter, and I wonder if she could take any inspiration for her future armor from the order of the sacred rose?
2/1 c5 AvidReader2425
Thank you for another, entertaining chapter
2/1 c4 AvidReader2425
I definitely enjoyed the Interlude, thank you very much
2/1 c3 AvidReader2425
Hopefully Taylor can save Diana Alcott, thanks for another, entertaining chapter
2/1 c2 AvidReader2425
Thank you very much for another excellent chapter. I’m excited to see how she will further grow, as well as how she will diverge from the emperor before her. Period.
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