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2/1 c1 2AvidReader2425
Absolutely awesome opening chapter
1/29 c39 cameron1812
Utterly fantastic as always, thank you! The discourses on the warp and on ethics in the Wormverse, wrapped aeouns the situation, is superb. Thank you!
1/25 c39 anon
Loving it! Taylor and Luna together are effective. See you in March!
1/25 c39 Guest
1/25 c39 Guest
Sleeping gas isn't real
1/25 c39 2Diaspared
Cauldron would embrace the fucking chaos gods if they would deal with Scion, frankly, so Taylor and Luna have little to worry about there.

The Protectorate...not so much. I'm gonna guess that Taylor'll be running Director Becky through on behalf of her clone/daughter/sister by the time all's said and done.

I liked the bit of vulnerability at the end. It helped cement that they cared.
1/25 c32 13feauxen
(This review is about the LunaAlexandria interlude, but I already reviewed that so I can't put another review on that chapter.)

It's been brought to my attention recently that Legend actually didn't know about Path to Victory. He knew that Contessa was Doctor Mother's bodyguard, but not what her power was. All he really knew, from inference, was that whatever that power was it meant that Doctor Mother was comfortable relying on it if all three of the Triumvirate turned on her at once...since he also didn't know just how much deeper into Cauldron than him David and Rebecca were. The whole point of the one Cauldron meeting we see him participating in is that he'd gotten suspicious of everything and took a copy of Armsmaster's lie detector to record the proceedings, in so doing finding out just how much bullshit they were feeding him.

It's not necessarily a problem to ignore that bit of canon, but it's worth remembering that part of the reason Legend was such a standup guy was that they intentionally never burdened him with the darker side of Cauldron. In part because he would have objected at every turn, and in part because having a genuine hero as the leader of the Protectorate served their purposes. If Eidolon's clone hadn't messed up the reveal so thoroughly, the idea was that Legend would be able to truthfully say that he hadn't known the kind of shit his fellow heroes were getting up to should Cauldron's existence and connection to the Triumvirate ever leak.
1/25 c39 1Wolfman217
Awww an almost tender moment there.

C'mon, not tempted at all to have Taylor and Luna develop a mother-daughter relationship? Taylor is melding more and more with Big E after all so she's...really not mentally a teen anymore.

It'd be so great. And they'd never betray each other - Taylor would never betray her daughter, and Luna - who is fundamentally Taylor - would absolute NEVER betray her mother *cough* memories of Annette *cough*.

And honestly that's enough incentive for Taylor to let/make it happen - she'd realise Luna is her and SHE'D never betray "Annette" so it'd be essentially a guaranteed way to have Luna always be loyal to her. And temper Luna excesses - after all she listened to Annette above basically all else.
1/25 c39 Shandrakor
Nice solid plot you have there, nice touch bringing up the reasons the PRT does not like Luna. Mind you I mainly only feel bad for Browbeat and Vista, Regent would understand.
1/21 c1 Creyd
Overall pretty good. Enough to have me hooked.
Some things I disliked:
The massive time skip. Seemed to overall just be pointless other than having time pass for the start of canon. It seemed pretty contrived that only after 2 months did she actually meet the trio again. Could have easily written it as having mind-read them relatively early and then used her powers to avoid them for those 2 months.
The quick mental changes to her. Both overcoming her trauma and depression that easily and her willingness to commit violence, especially in the form of casual mind rape (even if mild one). Not a day after the locker she casually manipulated her dad's mind and later mentally cripples the E88 guy. Mind you, I'm not saying either of those is unbelievable or unrealistic considering the dude in her head, it's more that I dislike it being glossed over as if it were unimportant and what she's doing is perfectly alright. And I guess I dislike that she became like that in the first place.
Her trash-talking of Krieg. Just seemed kinda unoriginal and cringe. Would have been much better if she actually asked them why they don't ally with Lung like in WW2.
Some things I liked:
The general premise :D
The twist of going against canon stations even after learning of the Undersiders vs Lung.
Her name combined with the symbol.
1/1 c38 robert.douglass.3.504.pir
I believe one of the Emperor's names from his distant past was Niath.

About Taylor's power armour... I know I probably asked before, but what is it styled after, Phase 1 Astartes armour?
12/30/2023 c38 1Lord Damon Darkfyre
As always, excellent work! Looking forward to more!
12/27/2023 c38 Blaze1992
. . . Ah so grimm dark is coming into play afterall.
12/25/2023 c5 Coeus
You should rename this story to Idiot Ball, because that seems to be your only go to as far as narrative goes. Its unusual to have to read a story where the characters make this many stupid mistakes in a row. Your hints that its Coil indusing it with his powers is likwise idiotic. If thats your angle... Good lord have mercy. Because thats not how his powers work, in fact there is no one that could do that in the Bay, and even outside of it the selection is small, with the Simugh being the only real candidate. But such tampering would be telekinetic in nature and this detectable.

Anyhow, I'm not reading another word.
12/22/2023 c38 Guest
Spirit Dragon Cathay dreams paradise at least comfortable advise descendants and even fight beside them

Golden Throne of the Emperor
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