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6/12/2017 c3 2Silvanon of the Orchard
Oh dear, they're both rather caught up in this one, hehe.
6/10/2017 c3 91Lilly flower forever
Ohh my goodness this was BRILLIANT! I really really love this!
I love how this time it's Ladybug reacting to stuff. :D Very nice.
This is amazing. :)
6/6/2017 c3 ladybug02
heheh. he's in trouble ;3
5/31/2017 c3 mareed0389
Nooooooo. Marinette, that's not what you should say! Ugh. Here's hoping these two dorks work through this hilarious craziness.
5/30/2017 c2 26lareepqg
I love this! Poor, poor smelly Adrien.
5/30/2017 c2 22LadyScatty
Oh my god, I love your story ! I don't care if it's only two chapter, I'm officially a fan !
5/30/2017 c2 KaidaBella
5/19/2017 c1 deebeth89
Would love to see more of this.
5/18/2017 c1 1ineedsleap
I LOVE THIS. my marichat heart is satisfied
5/14/2017 c1 Trash
This was published on my birthday and I am satisfied
5/15/2017 c1 514yellow 14
A really funny story. Keep writing
5/14/2017 c1 46saberstorm
We finally find the inverse of catnip
5/14/2017 c1 acupfullofcolors
Are you going to continue this?
5/14/2017 c1 Guest
awwwwe~ he's so flustered
5/14/2017 c1 Whole Note 12
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