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7/23/2023 c10 mumphie
Such a sweet, sad, and heartfelt story. I really wish that there could be more in this universe. Is there anyone who could take this on?
5/17/2022 c10 Avid reader
I just found you again. I have missed this story a lot. I’m hoping that you will continue with it. Pretty please with a cherry on top
8/31/2021 c10 Dragon Lily
Quite the cliffhanger, and that closing scene of Albus Dumbledore possibly finding closure with Ariana might finally nudge him towards the 'right' path in benefiting our 'time-displaced' surrogate parents…

Though, seeing as whatever ritual in Chapter 1 might have 'erased' the 'original' timeline à la "Harry Potter and the Quantum Leap" By: Seel’vor (id: 3951749), I don’t think they would have to worry about anything from the 'bad future' coming back to the 'past/present' to haunt them — just trying to give their best friend the childhood he should have lived, while trying to move on with their newfound (and likely 'permanent') lives…

While I am saddened to hear about the untimely passing of 'Harmonious Cannons' on September 21, 2016 (see bio), I’m hoping that this story could be continued in the foreseeable future — does 'MumbaiGirl1' continue to carry the torch, by any chance?

And, as a parting gift to my fellow readers, I would like to recommend "Three's The Charm" By: MissCHSparkles (id: 8326928) to whoever is interested, featuring all three of the Golden Trio mentally travelling back in time to their First Year!

P.S: Anyone know any other good "Harry Potter" stories which feature both Hermione and Ron physically ending up in the past and deciding to raise a young Harry? I was only lucky enough to find this story by pure chance (and by playing around with FFN’s limited filters when compared to AO3)…
8/30/2021 c5 Dragon Lily
To 'AzureAlquimista' (Jul 4, 2017): 'Strange' it may be, 'avant-garde' even… but in my opinion, that’s what makes (certain) time travel stories all the more 'fun'. It’s all about imagining 'hypothetical situations' that one can’t help but wish to be true, especially in the face of personal tragedy, before reality rears its ugly head around the corner, and forces our time traveler(s) to confront the consequences of their actions. Hell, why not read a couple of Nemesis13’s (id: 227409) stories and embrace the utter insanity that is the Wizarding World!
8/30/2021 c1 Dragon Lily
To 'Guest' (Jun 9, 2019): Funny how you mentioned that… have you ever heard of "Strangers On a Train" By: 'bonded4life' (id: 13569804)? It fulfils the criterion of Hermione being the first person to meet Harry on the Hogwarts Express, rather than Ron, resulting in a 'change of dynamic'. The romance, on the other hand, takes time to develop before blossoming (if I recall, before the events of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban").
2/1/2020 c10 Sextant
This is a really different time travel story. I like it. Shouldn't be particularly long either. Very nice.
6/8/2019 c1 Guest
I pined for this Harry to meet his Hermione on the train and fall in love.
7/13/2018 c10 AlexWasTaken
One of the best timetravel fics I have read and we are barely starting. Good job! keep it coming
6/17/2018 c10 blinddivinity
Great fic. Can't wait to read more.
6/1/2018 c10 93RebeccaRoy
Wow, great Christmas, and hopefully Dumbledore will get the closure he needs.
6/1/2018 c9 RebeccaRoy
Wow, emotional there at the end, and good what Sirius did, Kreacher was never a bad sort, just so badly horribly hurt.
6/1/2018 c8 RebeccaRoy
Wow, so they do love each other and will do right by little Harry here. They did get the short end of the stick and that is how my generation feels, and the one directly under me was coddle too much so they can't function and the world is a mess, but at least here they can change things.
6/1/2018 c6 RebeccaRoy
Now that is perfect, I sure wish that they could have done more to the Dursley's, abusing a child is never okay. Never.
6/1/2018 c5 RebeccaRoy
Wow, now that was intense, and yea, Hermione and Ron have a right to be very upset, and glad they rescued little Harry here.
6/1/2018 c3 RebeccaRoy
Wow, Malfoy, pure evil here and all good time travel story so far and Remus, well I do hope he really can help them out here.
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