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4/23 c7 biob1
I think the point is for him to do everything alone since he is the main hero. Think of it like this what if every batman show movie and comic had robin with him constantly or superman having supergirl around constantly? The hero usually stands alone to make them stand out the most.
4/21 c4 biob1
Great job
4/21 c2 biob1
This was pretty cool
3/3 c27 Danny
I really like this story but you haven’t updated it in a while if your not going to them say it’s discontinued or something cause I’ve been waiting ages for a new chapter anyway love and your a good writer.
1/16 c26 ChobeeBoy
Did you run out of ideas for this? This is my favorite Danny other creature fanfic. Or did you abandon ship?
1/9 c17 Sabrina
I really like your story it has so much detail but I think there’s something you add in one of your chapters for Danny’s love life you should add a she-wolf mate and I really want to see how Tucker and Sam find out he is a werewolf
11/20/2020 c9 Guest
OC ruined it for me. Name the fic knight Max and put OC story in the summary.
9/25/2020 c27 J. Young
Are you alive? Let us know that you are alive and well with another chapter. Please don't kill this story.
9/9/2020 c27 Guest
Is star slowly dying like leo from fairy tail or has power similar to rogue from x men?
8/5/2020 c4 1Firestar Prime
By the pits of kaon you just had to say it Tucker
7/24/2020 c27 Love it
I really love this series, when are you going to continue it?
7/14/2020 c27 ukairoenyinnaya
Where are you man. It's been over a year since the last episode.
7/10/2020 c1 Orion
Ughhhh! This is awesome story so far! Why leave it on a cliffhanger like this...
The Agony!? Hahahahahaha

Seriously though great so far, has actual meat to the story and isn't just filled with trying to make it strictly sex. Which can sometimes interfere with stories if not out right kill a story interest. Thank you author
6/15/2020 c27 Guest
Bring it back.
Bring. It. Back.
But rude cliffhanger
6/5/2020 c5 Guest
Ice is a Water Affinity
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