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6/17 c1 Guest
The 2nd j games Jr of jgb number
6/3 c27 ultrakid202020
Please don’t let this be a done story because this is awesome and I really enjoyed reading it
1/30 c26 Mizugami18
pls update!
1/17 c27 slayerd606
'Cause everything I touch perishes!?
1/16 c1 slayerd606
1/12 c27 Mizugami18
12/27/2021 c4 Spyro fanboy
I love the "what 50% of you came for" line
12/5/2021 c27 Mizugami18
is this story going to be continued?
12/5/2021 c25 Mizugami18
not gonna lie…. this entire fanfic needs a series. like episodes. that’s how good i thinks this is, so good it could rival Rick and Morty in terms of adult animation series of popularity.
11/9/2021 c27 jackyfloresq2001
9/27/2021 c27 4stan rules
FUCK! It was just getting good!
9/12/2021 c2 Guest
I like your stories. The only thing I would do to improve them is get a proof reader. You seem to have trouble with some English words and it keeps coming up in your stories. A proof reader would allow you to fix those mistakes.
4/23/2021 c7 biob1
I think the point is for him to do everything alone since he is the main hero. Think of it like this what if every batman show movie and comic had robin with him constantly or superman having supergirl around constantly? The hero usually stands alone to make them stand out the most.
4/21/2021 c4 biob1
Great job
4/21/2021 c2 biob1
This was pretty cool
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