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20m c9 52erm31323
True Slytherin maneuvering from Narcissa. Hermione could learn quite a bit from her. I enjoyed the part with Snape helping her. Interested to see when Hermione will find out about Sirius and if she will do something to try and get him released.
50m c8 erm31323
I knew it was Sirius. Hermione is probably never going to trust anyone to be a friend now. As horrific as her physical injuries were, that's almost worse. I hope there's someone that she can count on eventually.
9h c8 4RoseSwan9
I knew it !
10h c1 RoseSwan9
This is an amazing start. I think that Sirius is her father. None the less I look forward to you updating. It's been an year but I'm not giving up. I hope you update soon.
19h c5 52erm31323
I was not expecting the Morgan le Fay angle, but I love it! Interested to see who Hermione's father is as well. My first guess was Sirius, given her mother's reaction to his name.
1/16 c24 Teresamichi17
This is the third time that I read this fic ... I can tell you that I still find it so fascinating. Seriously, I really like stories where Hermione is the reincarnation of powerful characters. But of all those I have read, only 2 have succeeded in immersing me in this universe: your fic and a fic on Salazard reincarnated as Hermione.
You don't rush the events one after the other and the story is really well researched and worked on. Well done, I hope with all my heart that you will continue this fic until the end.
There will always be one event that I will look forward to in this story and that is the meeting between Bellatrix and Hermione (I feel it's going to be epic if you write it down even though it will be a long time away).
Anyway, I can't wait to read the rest, good luck.
(English is not my mother tongue so sorry for any mistakes.)
1/11 c24 OctopusInTheCloset
Please update soon, I really really appreciate this story
1/5 c24 SpiralLight
So I’ve just discovered this and I love it SO much and I do hope you keep updating!
1/4 c24 Anglwitch6090
I know it's been almost a year but if love to see more
12/30/2020 c24 princessplupin
amazing story! can't wait to continue reading more
12/25/2020 c24 Guest
I have been reading this story for the past two days and I can honestly say I'm hooked. Please update soon!
11/10/2020 c24 13Ridea
Hahaha I love that she can still be thrown for a loop. I'm really curious as to what direction you're going to go with this and I look forward to seeing it. Fantastic job! I definitely enjoyed reading and can't wait for more!
11/4/2020 c24 Qatema
I both love and hate this fanfic.
I love it because it has such a good story line and I hate it becomes it made me start shipping Thorfinn and Hermione
11/3/2020 c16 babybluebabybunny
Like the story so far, but I stumbled over these lines:

"The sweet Madame Primpernelle believed Hermione had PTSD from her attack. She couldn't be more wrong.

Hermione had never been the type of person to wallow in self-pity."

You might go back and consider if you really want to explain suffering from PTSD as "wallowing in self-pity". Not least because you might be talking directly to some of your readers here, who are actually suffering from PTSD. And not due to a lack of mental strength or character.
10/29/2020 c24 lisa8
I'm utterly entranced by your incredible story! Please do not give it up 3
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