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4/11 c14 2GreenEggandHam
they seem very out of character in your story
1/7 c31 Guest
Incredible job, I couldn't stop reading. Loved how they evolved through the chapters, but I also greatly enjoyed their "Oh shit, I love _!" Moments. Just great job all around.
9/19/2019 c31 39The Time Traveler
This was one great rollar coaster ride. The fact you wrote this before the Champions DLC that is what makes it even more remarkable. You actually took what was given to you and filled in the rest of the gaps and made it even more. This was all well written, I couldn't have done a better job myself. This was excellent and I am glad to have found it and have read it.
7/12/2019 c28 Guest
Bringing me back with the it’s dangerous to go alone
7/12/2019 c21 Guest
Seventeen she will be power she must awaken, love your story
7/11/2019 c3 Zeke
He wants to be the very best like no one ever was
7/5/2019 c31 28Queen Emily the Diligent
3/16/2019 c31 DropChat
OH MY FREAKING GOSH! This is so beautiful!
1/25/2019 c31 3Skydragon74193
This story was amazing! I do have to say though, that Link and zeldas kiss, and the telling of "I love yous",wasnt very impactful, and seems like it was added as an after thought.
1/25/2019 c31 Skydragon74193
i reallt wpuld avoud "for some dumb reason" as much as possible
1/25/2019 c29 Skydragon74193
"My life has always been at the kings sode, ever since he marries the then-Princess Tetrra and succeeded her father" the way this is phrased implies that Tetra was the peincess of hyrule, succeeded meaning she took her fathers place as ruler. It was established in the beggining of the story, and even later in this chapter that Rhoam was the born blood of the hyrule royal family. And that tetra inherited her power when she married into the family. This contradicts each other.
1/25/2019 c27 Skydragon74193
Im loving this story, however you have a lot of inconsistencys. Just a few chapters ago it starts out "2 weeks until zelda birthday" and literally 2 paragraphs later
"Zeldas birthday is in a month" theres also inconsistencys with the beggining of the story as it goes on. You went from Link barely being able to wield the sword at 8 years old, to besting adult at 4. Another one, you have a "6 months later", and then later in the same chapter it days Link has only been Zeldas night for a week which woupd be impossible. There's really too many to count that kept having me stop and wonder if you remember things you've said previously in the story, even in the dame chapter. Most are all out retcons of what you've said before. I wanna reitterate, I love this story so far, its just something that happens entirely too often in the story. If you need me, I can go back through and point them all out, unless you dont care wnough to fix them haha. On another note, it really isnt very good to have most of a chapter be word for word a previous chapter. We already knew what happened, we dont need to reread a previous chapter. Id rather a short chapter, than 65 percent or more being something we read only a few chapters ago. It also sticks out as a sore thumb when you're writing has improved since then, and the copy pasted paragraphs dont match your current level.

That bring me to my final point, you're writing has improved so much since the start of the story, and it shows. Youre writing comes off more professional and less cheesey like a child wrote it. Your words are descriptive, but not overly so, and you can start to feel and relate to the characters a lot more.

Great job my friend B)
11/9/2018 c31 Scooby2394
Very good story! I like that you gave Zelda more place in the original story with her magic and combat skills.
At the end I was like “ Wait ...WHAT?!”
Can’t wait to read what you write next!
10/31/2018 c31 2Ripred rager
Ohhhh myyy gooooddddd 2019 BETTER BE FRENCH FOR TOMORROW

But amazing job, best fanfic EVER veereeyyy well written
10/21/2018 c31 Guest
Well, that was a waste of my time. I'm sorry but that wasn't good. It started nice, but getting into pre-botw part, the characterization it's all over the place. Link and Zelda are bad bad bad characters, the memories are just thrown in the mix with zero importance. That's not a novelization, it's just a au, a really bad one and the writing is not good either.
Ganon smiled, then chuckled. "Heh heh heh heh… Ha heh heh heh… Wa heh ha ha… Ha ha heh ha..." He raised his hand, in which a more solid purple substance formed in his hand. It shaped into a trident. "WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HEH HEH HEH HA HA HA HA! YEHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HEH HA HA HA!"
That's just beyond cringe. If you wanna know what a true good novelization is, you should take inspiration in one last year and calm waters run deep.
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