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8/8/2018 c25 Guest
Thank you for giving these Zelda fans the chapters we wait day and night to read. You made our summer of Zelda fanfiction story so much enjoyable. May the goddess Hylia look down upon you and give you gifts and awards these last few weeks of summer.
8/8/2018 c25 Lord Halcyon
"To her luck, power was awoken."

Does this mean what I think it does? Cause I would really like to see Link and Zelda defeat Ganon the first time around rather than them failing, followed by a 100 year interregnum. Anyway keep up the good work.


Lord Halcyon
8/8/2018 c25 midnaisbae
Fuck yeaaaaa! I'm hype about the freakin direct! Bring in Simon Belmont! King K? Geno? Capt Toad? Impa? Sephiroth? Jeanne? Don't care! I'll take anyone! ANYONE I TELL YOU! Show us Pauline already! Oh, and TP!Zelda skin please... I'd pay 50 and above for it daddy Sakurai... this can't be the end for my brunette baby... *sobs*

...and yeah, Post-Calamity stories would be grand!
8/4/2018 c21 Zeroq3
Just wanted to say I love your story.
You are really good at worldbuilding and describing scenery without adding too much detail or leaving important stuff out.
Character development feels genuine and not forced and the relationships progress realistically.
This is my first review I made because I really enjoy your story and it’s one of my all time favorites so far.
Keep doing what u are doing
8/1/2018 c24 Brad
I love what you did with the Rhoam - Zelda exchange. I always imagined it as Link sitting quietly, cursing the King with words that would be considered traitorous. The telepathy added a level of freshness to that scene.

And addressing your note, I appreciate the response to my review a lot. I don't want to seem pushy for content, but your take on the characters would make a "sequel" vastly different to any Post-BOTW story arc that I have seen so far. Whatever you decide I just had to throw my two cents in.

Your loyal reader,
7/28/2018 c23 Brad
This has been so far one of my favorite stories. And I love how you have integrated Zelda's desire to be an explorer. So I was wondering if you were considering doing a post Ganon defeat story, using the same developed Link and Zelda. I think that exploring while also rebuilding would make a great storyline for Zelda, delving into the separation between accepting her duties to rebuilding Hyrule, or choosing to explore the world with Link. Just a thought.

-Your friendly neighborhood Bradmeister
7/27/2018 c21 Brad
I saw that Starbomb refrence ;)
7/19/2018 c22 AllAboutThoseMyths
This is such a great story. I have no shame in admitting that it took me two days to read this story... and I’m still wanting more! I’ve been reading a lot of Lipha stories, but this one makes me want to go read more Zelink ones. Anywho, great story, and keep up the great work!
7/17/2018 c12 The Big Bad Wolf-9
Pro-Link or Pro Zelda? In your fic, neither.

Zelda a few chapters ago literally wished Link would die as opposed to succeeding. She wished death on 'one of her knights', regardless of the effects of him drawing the sword.

That is cowardice beyond cowardice. She was so afraid of her fate, of her shortcomings as the wielder of Wisdom that she would wish death on one of her subjects just to avoid it? Or rather because she was afraid he would show her up with the drawing of the blade that seemed more a curse than a boon?

I laugh when you try to incorporate flashbacks of the game and what she wrote in her journal because BotW!Zelda and your Zelda are just too, too different for it to work. It's night and day.

"This is why Link doesn't Talk. He'll roast the hell out of Zelda." No, Link doesn't talk because he's afraid of sounding like how you portrayed him as. In what universe would a knight (you know, the literal embodiment of patience, virtue, altruism, integrity, charity, piety, HONOR, COURAGE) ever "roast" his liege? Your Link has a better chance of being an actual knight than I do of being the emperor of China. He sounds like a little kid with an ego issue.

"You are my liege but on this mission, I am your equal, and when we travel, I am your boss. You do as I say, not the other way around...don't you dare defy me." In what universe would that ever, ever work? Sworn personal knight or not, in any hierarchy Link's tongue would be sliced for the hear heretical words, his limbs quartered, his hide flayed until dead. His father would lose all position and be disgraced out of keep, King's best friend or not.

And I'm not even salty about this fic. There are some legitimate good points- the interaction with Revali was a bit hamfisted and contrived (they literally have no history or reason to be at each other's necks but still are), but was still handled masterfully. Link's childhood and his initial meeting with Zelda was very well done.

But Groose and Link...and their "competition". While that would work in literally any other universe, it goes against Link's character so bad that my suspense of disbelief can't handle it.

All in all, I won't be reading more of this story cause it fell out of favor with me, but you have some serious potential. Don't take what I said as too big of a flame; as an author, you obviously found respite and peace in your style of writing that I do not as a reader. But I want you to take royalty a bit more seriously, especially when you have Link, who's just a knight, talk to Zelda like that; especially when the difference of stature is so immense, even OOCly no one would say those kinds of things outside of a 13 year old's edgy writing. And I know you're not a 13 year old edgelord.

Remember, the bigger the risk the greater the reward.
7/11/2018 c21 1Domaz
"Definetly not the same Link and Zelda from months prior"

Overall an enjoyable chapter. Learning about Link's past and the duo's freetime was refreshing and how you included Sheik was certainly interesting. This also was the funniest ending so far. (a good contrast to the previous chapter)

While I'm all for relationship growth, I still feel like their growth has been a little too spiky. The jump from almost despising eachother to being almost fully open to eachother is IMO a bit too fast, and while it could be claimed as an effect of a four-month time skip, I would've just changed the order of the events. I also noticed some Hardin25 leaking in to Link's personality and while it's completely out of character, its still fun and a nice easter egg to us OW peeps.

Other than those minor things, it was an enjoyable chapter.

In other news, I'm thinking of drawing a manga adaptation of your story. Yes, it's that good

7/11/2018 c21 James Birdsong
Good five chapters
3/8/2018 c3 16Sonochu
Wait, a squire is just a knight in training, so Groose calling Link a squire like he's somehow better than him makes no sense as they are the same. Also you should probably mention that a good chunk of the dialogue in Link's section is just a derivative of Gaston's song in Beauty and the Beast. Otherwise that's plaigerism.
3/8/2018 c12 3Sacredstar Mentor
I'm on team link on this one my friend. Doesn't like his job protecting Zelda. But he has no choice or the world link knows and love will die. It's his duty and responsible to save Hyrule and Zelda in this story only makes the problem worst.
3/5/2018 c2 Sacredstar Mentor
I enjoy your "before the wild" story. Were you ever think of making other fan made childhood story of characters in books, movies, games, Tv and etc.
3/4/2018 c1 11Arcmelos
Another great chapter as always, keep up the good work!
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