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3/4/2018 c20 1Domaz
Adorableness overload
3/4/2018 c20 OnePunchFan8
The very best, like no one ever was~

Yeah that poster Nintendo released made it look like link was annoyed with having to babysit Zelda.
3/1/2018 c19 Domaz
It still completely baffles me how you can tell a story with a fixed script, but make it different. Well done
2/28/2018 c19 OnePunchFan8
Nice chapter
2/20/2018 c18 OnePunchFan8
Nice chapter
2/10/2018 c17 Guest
Zelda carried Link from Oren Bridge to Great Zora Bridge and he "wasn't weighty to her" I mean, come on seriously is she a weightlifter as well as a mage, an archer and a scholar, that's a long way for anyone to carry a person, nevermind a person who is meant to have spent most of her life as a priestess and not pumping iron. I get that you've tried to improve Zelda as a character but this seems too much on top of all the other changes you made.
2/8/2018 c15 OnePunchFan8
Sorry for the nitpick, but near the beginning of the chapter Zelda says "me and my knights were ready for a fight" when it's supposed to bemy knights and I were ready for a fight". The trick is to remove the other group, "me was ready for a fight" would be wrong, so it's "my knights and I"
1/29/2018 c16 Klaus22
Please, write the next chapter... is a good story
1/27/2018 c16 James Birdsong
Good fifteen chapters
1/23/2018 c15 Guest
This chapter redeems Zelda a bit in my eyes, at least she realises that any progress in her interactions with Link were lost when she had to let her own ego get in the way. I quite like how obvious her inferiorly complex is with everyone when she talks about how great link is, at least it shows her character is not a complete bitch with everyone, only Link. I see you deliberately overaggerated Zelda combat skills in the last chapter now, I did have a theory she maybe holding back the truth to dismiss Links skills, as she genuinely believes she that she can look after her self. Also now the truth Zelda's battle has been revealed to the reader, still pretty good but not enough to be a one woman army, I can understand her insistance that she doesn't need link which kind of didn't make sense in the actual game.

That being said, I seriously hope she finds Link has already defeated all the monsters in the next chapter as this will send her inferiority complex into overdrive. It is clear Zelda's bragging about beating the lynel has shaken Link's confidence in himself, and given Zelda's awful treatment of him it would be nice for Link be able to get a win over her, he kind of needs it as she's being treating him like a doormat.
1/22/2018 c14 Guest
By making Botw Zelda, who is a scholar and a priest, into a Sheikah warrior as well, it makes her character extremely imbalanced, she's a super smart scientist, described by everyone as very attractive and an extremely talented warrior, almost Mary Sue territory. Also what point is there for Link being there now, other than to be a punching bag for Zelda's frustration. He should just give Zelda the master sword to sort things out as he's clearly not needed.
It also doesn't make sense in terms of the storyline. Now we know Zelda has killed a Lynel, the toughest monsters other than Ganon, how can we be expected to believe that 3 common yiga soldiers would give her any trouble especially as she has been trained as a Sheikah? Why would the other champions want to leave her behind to protect her when the calamity strikes and why would she not aid link whilst fighting the guardians after the calamity strikes? Those are major memories in the game which untill now in this work have been fairly faithful to the source and now you've changed Zelda's character they don't make sense.
1/21/2018 c1 nirvanaluvr24
It does feel like you kind of ruined Link to make Zelda seem more badass, which isnt needed because shes already awesome. I had to quit reading at the part about her snickering and beating a lynel. With that being said ive enjoyed the story until this chapter. Im just being honest, I don't mean it to be hateful.
1/21/2018 c14 12Neo Aguni
Oh Yeah Zelda's a real Badass that's why she was running for her life from three members of the Yiga clan. Not only that but you turned Princess Zelda from this wonderful young woman whom despite everyone calling her a failure(Except Link) to a winner when she kept ganon in the castle for 100 years to finally sealing him and you turned her into a snot nosed BITCH. Now having combat skills, sure. Being adept absolutely. Being a calibur that would be an absolute asset definitely. Being better than Link? whom when he was 4 defeated grown men in sword combat. who defeated a Guardian with a pot lid. whom Zelda herself had called the most accomplished swordsman in Hyrule and whom her diary referred to as gifted? Go Fuck yourself

Also when would Zelda ever have time for combat training? Her father barely tolerated her research. Did you forget that? Did you forget that line he had in the memory# 12? When he said you need to dedicate every waking moment to her training which since you obviously couldn't tell meant her training to awaken her power to seal Ganon away. Speaking of in Zelda's research diary she makes it clear that her time with the Sheikah was spent on research. The King's diary makes it clear that since Zelda's mother's death her time has been split between research and her spiritual training. Since you obviously didn't know that.

I read your author's note, and I Do NOT Give a Rat's ass what your vision is. You cannot warp character's to fit your narrative. Unless it's an AU otherwise your narative has to fit the characters. That being said what makes me the angriest here. Is that you have taken my favorite version of Zelda. Someone everyone called a failure and ridiculed her as she gave everything she had. Someone I felt geniuine compassion for that I wanted to rush to so that she could succeed where everyone said she had failed. You turned her into a spoiled bitch. F... you and F...the chapter.
1/20/2018 c14 3a.marsh55
Link was stated to be able to beat adults at the age of 4 and was knighted and put in the kings guard at 14. He was stated to be the best swordsman in hyrule. I can see Zelda being a better archer and mage; as well as being better at stealth and being faster than link running. But link has been basically stated as an unparalled swordsman and warrior which haft the reason why he was chosen as zeldas appointed knight. This chapter really feels like you diminishing links character, accomplishments, talents, and usefulness in this story. I'm fine with them both being great warriors in their own rights but link should be better than Zelda at more knight related things link swordsmanship and Zelda can be better at sheika/ninja related things like magic and stealth.
12/10/2017 c13 luisAM21
hmm it looks like you need to change some the childhood moments since Nintendo said in one of the additional diaries that Link can defeat adults when he was only four years old
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