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for Colossal Encounters

2/13/2020 c3 Gabriel Cheairs
This is an extraordinary story keep it up.
1/29/2020 c15 5Fox Boss
While a great fic for the most part, I don't really agree with some of the Character-Monster pairings, for one reason or another.
10/10/2019 c1 Guest
Hey guys there a new godzilla crossover with loud house it’s Called “kingdom of monster “ by Nathanoraptor it’s the same as this fic only not on hiatus check it out
9/25/2019 c15 KRUSA1
okay this has been around for so if you're thinking of doing another story may I suggest a 101 Dalmatian street story that crosses over with gamera...yeah not my best just spit-balling
8/29/2019 c15 Guest
Chapter 16, Dude it has been over a year now.
8/2/2019 c15 Salman Al.Shatti
I love this fanfic, and in my head canon there are some human/kaiju relations I'd like to share:

Rita- Mothra
Lynn Sr.- King Ghidorah
Rusty- Gorosaurus
Liam- Megaguirus
Zach- Manda

That’s All I can think of at this point
6/3/2019 c1 Guest
Please update soon I need Godzilla fics now
5/26/2019 c15 Thompson
Update this and all of your other abandoned stories already. Including this one there's 49 which are unfinished so forget about the perverted crap and do the adventure ones.
3/26/2019 c15 KRUSA1
I've enjoyed this but now I a suggestion for you: what if the red bamboo was a red HERRING? the real enemy was not the red bamboo but the dreaded asteroid gorath(the version from final wars)bringing in monster x(or a tear in the dimensional barrier calling for the anime version of king ghidorah)
3/15/2019 c15 Guest
Please update
12/11/2018 c15 Protector of men
So who are zilla and baragon paired with?
11/20/2018 c15 Guest
It has been nearly 7 month now. You really need to finish this story because I want to see the Loud Family saved the world.
11/10/2018 c15 Guest
Is this story gonna be updated?
10/13/2018 c1 2ChimaTigon
I remember Godzilla having gills.
9/28/2018 c15 Matt
Could you update along with like some of your other forgotten stories please?
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