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for Rise of the Lucian Empire

8/5/2018 c19 nero99
I love this story!
8/5/2018 c19 1setokayba2n
Very Good chapter... I think they will enjoy that.
8/5/2018 c19 246vili
The way things are going we are nearing the ned of the story I guess.
Looking forward to the fight between Kushina and Anko.

And daaaamn! You made Minato even worse than Orochimaru, and that is no small feat.
8/5/2018 c19 LoamyCoffee
So friggin' Amazing!
8/5/2018 c19 Greer123
This chapter was kind of Dark.
8/5/2018 c19 12helrio uzugaku
Hmmm, it's alright, I think it needs more plot bunnies though. I mean the stories been kinda predictable the whole way through. I want surprises! I want unexpected turns and events that would make me want to call you a complete dick for thinking of. Stuff that would make me respect you as much as I hate you. An excited feeling of being honest to god surprised that this event happened. This 10 year darkness thing is the perfect oppurtunity to throw a wrench in the works! Get out of this one dimensional authors rut and do something that will leave me wanting more!

A story is based on the idea of conflict, if Naruto is in complete control all the time the story will get boring and you will lose a lot of readers and eventually you will write yourself into a corner. A roadtrip sounds like just the thing Naruto needs, fun, action, adventure, unexplored sections of his home he left for much later when he had the time for them. Heck, why don't you send him into costleworth tower and have him discover some great evil that threatens the empire. Maybe the body of noctus corrupted by the starscourge? Someone who could really challenge him in a one on one. And what about an Oracle? From my understanding every lucian king had an Oracle of their own. Lunafreya's mother was the Oracle before her and her mother before her. What about Naruto's Oracle?

There are just several aspects of the game I feel need to be instilled in this fic before I can give it a better review. Sure it's an ok fic to read and personally something to enjoy considering I enjoyed playing ffxv but just riding the coattails of something good isn't enough. You gotta give a unique twist to other people's ideas in order to make them interesting and fun to explore.

It would be interesting to see how Naruto received all of the royal arms, was it similar or different from Noctus and his journey? Who accompanied him while he was collecting them and training? What are the nice and juicy details for how Naruto met and fell in love with the women in his group? A general outline dampens the quality of a fic A LOT if you don't delve into it more.

I really hope that you delve into these issues with your story more. Because I genuinely want to enjoy reading more of this fic. And I want to help any way I can but I'll settle for doing this.

Well that's about it for this review. I hope you consider what i said carefully and use it to improve what is already here. Good luck with any future projects.
8/5/2018 c19 Shriek
One of the monsters roaming the land should be the shadow beast's from he man they love the dark, i wonder how the land will manage for ten years with no light? The plants will no doubt get wanked up and i bet kids born during this decade will believe the sun is just a legend.
8/5/2018 c19 Zero fullbuster
Love it.
Great update as always.
I can't wait what happens next.
8/5/2018 c19 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
8/5/2018 c19 Guest
This chapter was worthy the wait and I'm wondering can Naruto control some of the daemon or no.
8/5/2018 c19 jablanco
That was cool
8/5/2018 c19 Guest
8/5/2018 c19 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
8/5/2018 c19 naes151
loved the chapter and what naruto did to the east cant wait to see anko beat down kushina
also would have liked to have see naruto meet tayuya i think even alucard and seras could learn some new words from her sailor mouth looking forward to the next update
8/5/2018 c19 Nicholas
Oh please don't make kushina's death too quick make her suffer make it slow make it humiliating and make it agonizing, anko! do you wanna borrow my knife collection?
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