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for Rise of the Lucian Empire

8/3/2020 c2 ancientk9
I'm sorry this entire chapter is nothing but gibberish to me. I haven't seen anything of final fantasy. so I am completely in the dark somebody help please.
7/2/2020 c23 Danirodriguez1995
Very good, I have read almost all your stories and I found them excellent, I would like you to continue pulling more similar naruto stories, it is something that has no comparison, thanks.
5/16/2020 c3 robert kruase
sir my name is Robert Krause a fan of Naruto , the crossover characters you get here is cool sir like Alucard and sera out of Hell sing and the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric full metal alchemist is cool sir , but why not put the heads of his foes on a big super size tower so others can seeing it now , if his took over i Robert Krause well made sakrua his new slave gril and ion too, ten-ten is his wife now, sir i do not used spam others in fan-fiction for i am fan of you guys , only bad grils and bully doing it , i am not one of them ,
5/16/2020 c1 robert krause
when Naruto had 1 had get to west he made a new vaillge and rule it for when and running it too then was up to rank warlord next when Naruto krill off warlord max and his wife , when took over the kingdom now and made his new army of warriors of all kinds of them swords warriors and ninjas too , when took out a blond hire boy name rex Leroy a boy of 20 blond hire ball hire too was the son of max ray a warlord who help Naruto in times to made a new vaillge , when back them Naruto was were house owner and head of it , mob money was big too , then Naruto had his shop now , when then the war was over with , now , when his twin sister had think she well took over lose out Naruto had her back home for good , too,
5/12/2020 c23 Guest
Does your mother still suck cock for dollars? I'd thought the cunt would have told you to fuck off out of America already. Cocksuckers like you would gladly talk shit about the US while enjoying the actual benefits living in the US provides. You don't like the country, then go live somewhere else. Or better yet, go live in some of the Third World countries. Those people have it extremely tough, and would gladly trade places with your ungrateful, spoiled ass.
4/7/2020 c22 2Silence42
at first I enjoyed this story, which is saying something cuz I typically avoid multicrossovers, they get too cluttered and hard to follow, which is exactly what happened with this story as it went on, I only finish it cuz I was at chapter 18 by the time I completely lost interest and I was too OCD not to finish it when I was so close to the end, but holy shit, chapters 22 and 23? those aren't endings, they are just nonsensical shit, I don't even need to explain why they are shit, everyone knows why, and you do too. Disappointed in you man, you could've had a real ending with a little bit of effort, but you took the cheap and stupid way out
3/14/2020 c22 Samthman
You have made an amazing story
1/27/2020 c11 Darkmaster10000000
And so the original Ino-Shika-Cho... is down to just Shika-Cho.
1/27/2020 c10 Darkmaster10000000
He-bu-tha-I-but- and you-and he-and-and. . . . . WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS KINGDOM
1/15/2020 c11 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Good work on this! I really enjoy how you make the Yamanaka Clan suffer whenever they try to use their Mind Jutsu on others simply for their own gain. Well, the jokes on them now!
1/14/2020 c10 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Awesome! Loved how you had the Akatsuki find better dreams and be redeemed as members of the Lucian Empire!
1/13/2020 c9 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Hooray! You’re free Fū!
1/13/2020 c8 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Whoa! Insane!
1/13/2020 c7 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
NO MERCY! And Minato? You’re deluded to think you’ll be able to lay one finger on Naruto. The prophecy will indeed be fulfilled, but most likely not in the way you’re hoping!
1/13/2020 c5 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Another good chapter!

P.S. I know that what you mentioned in your AN most likely has been solved, but you have my dearest sympathies.
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