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3/4 c1 1carried-away5
Wow. This was a beautiful binge weekend read for me. I feel like this story deserves some kind of award. I’m very picky about what fanfictions I wanna read and I have SO much respect for you. It’s like you picked up right where they left off. Thank you for staying in the same century and for not trying to modernize the characters. I’m gonna go read your other stories now. LOVE your work!
2/20 c43 33piccolabimba
I finished reading about a week ago and have yet to review because I was contemplating what to say beyond WOW. I love how you explored this alternate timeline, how it derived from a single event that went differently. How you reacquainted the characters yet let them grow as well. Even your OCs fit so well! I love Susan and how you bring in Diana. Such a good "what if". Thanks for writing.
2/15 c1 3rosemarybennet
I have come back to this story so many times since reading it 5 years ago. It is my go-to comfort fic, and it has never failed to lift my spirits. You have this unique way of writing these characters- this mixture of yearning and hope in them- that is just unmatched. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
8/13/2022 c42 2Saturday4
Well, that was a journey. I wasn't sure about reading this story since it's the first fanfic I've ever read about this book, but I certainly adored it. I enjoyed reading it and it got me inmerse in this AU. The characters were lovely and the narration very pleasant to read; it felt like I was reading the original story. Anyway, thank you for writting it and for putting so much effort into it.
8/12/2022 c43 raindropsandviolets
Hello Cate, I have read your stories since 2018 and I truly love the way you depict Anne and Gilbert’s relationship. I like that the characters set in the AUs still remain true to their original personalities. You write very similarly to LMM. My favorite stories of yours are One More Day and When Tomorrow Comes, and I was reminded of a possible addition to that series when I reread Shore of Dreams. I am curious to know if that is still possible at all. I know that life comes in-between writing sometimes. There are more important things to tend to than writing Fanfiction. Even if you stopped writing altogether, I would still be incredibly grateful for the joy you have unknowingly provided me over the past four years.
Love from Sweden.
7/21/2022 c43 3hertincae
I cried constantly from Chap 1 because, Anne is crippled, just I am. She had this as an accident and I feel how she felt about itbeing an almost invalidbecause I am crippled from birth myself, and I tell you, this is heartbreaking to live by day by day even though I fill my days with all positive thought. But you cannot take it against us to feel sad and melancholy about it. I’m glad Anne has healed and was loved in spite and despitewhich is a far away dream for me too because of my condition (I can only believe).

Thank you Cate!

5/17/2022 c28 Guest
The sheer weight of this chapter ought to earn its own title, other than the prosaic "chapter 28" ;)
I loved this story so much - am partial to reunion fics and second chances, and wish there are more written in the AoGG verse. Yours is the very best there is, and I'm enjoying yet another read of it from start to finish (have lost count just how many times I've done this...) and drifting back into the world where these events occurred. Sacrilegious this may be to utter here, of all places, but I find your story better than what shook out in canon. Amazing story, and flawlessly executed. Thank you so very much for sharing! :)
5/13/2022 c3 Guest
I love how creative you are!
4/21/2022 c1 Guest
I just finished reading this entire work, plus the first noel and the path not taken. Thank you so much for putting so much time and heart into these, I enjoyed them tremendously.
4/12/2022 c32 6DrinkThemIn
I feel as though I’m always thinking “this is my favourite chapter” but they all are. I just can’t get over the exchange with Josie; it’s so on the mark for each character. You know I live for it!
3/3/2022 c43 3Parnassus Pen
I loved this story!
11/1/2021 c29 6DrinkThemIn
One thing I love about their dialogue is their use of each other’s names. It’s quite literally their love language and it’s so flipping endearing.
10/26/2021 c42 16SadieGrace
I don’t pop in to the Anne fanfic world often, but when I do I always seem to end up lost in your stories again, and that’s where I’ve been these last couple of weeks (to the detriment of my sleep habits on a couple of occasions). I love every one of your iterations of Anne and Gilbert. You do them great justice even when your transplant them into different scenarios. Gilbert is my favorite fictional male character and I love the way you fill him out in all your stories.
9/24/2021 c43 Denie1943
Simply too good to end!
9/24/2021 c42 Denie1943
Cate, You know there is so much more to this story. You can do it. And your thoughts are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
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