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10/22/2017 c12 Grell the Batman
Wait, is it over?
6/28/2017 c12 4CTpoetgirl63
Just when you forget you want to avoid something...there it is... glad you got them back together...
6/28/2017 c11 CTpoetgirl63
a good chapter...I like seeing the thought processes in his head. When I write I never really write from that angle.
6/26/2017 c10 CTpoetgirl63
Tension upon tension, and then a thought of humor to break it up...
6/26/2017 c9 CTpoetgirl63
Wow, there's a lot of tense action here...
6/26/2017 c8 CTpoetgirl63
very powerful, you did an amazing job here...
6/26/2017 c7 CTpoetgirl63
Wow, a tense and scary chapter! Well told.
6/26/2017 c6 CTpoetgirl63
a buildup of intrigue and then a chat up...interesting...
6/26/2017 c5 CTpoetgirl63
I liked it. His luck of just barely staying in the shadows, while the shadow of HYDRA passed over him from time to time...well balanced.
6/26/2017 c4 CTpoetgirl63
Another good chapter. I like how you go into Bucky's thoughts...
6/26/2017 c3 CTpoetgirl63
A lot of action here, and the slow motion reactions of Bucky saving the kid...
6/2/2017 c12 Saitama-sama
This fic is a jewel. Seriously. It deserves thousands of favorites and follows.
6/1/2017 c2 CTpoetgirl63
another good chapter...
6/1/2017 c1 CTpoetgirl63
So far, so good...enough that I'm interested in reading more...
5/31/2017 c12 Sassiebone
Finally, these dear boys get together.

Please say that there is more?
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