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for Of Light and Shadow (Discontinued)

1/14 c14 SatanicVenom
Great story so far, would love an update...even if it has been a year or so ;-;
12/20/2019 c14 Guest
you can continue this?
11/4/2019 c14 fabian.fallmer
Please update. I'd like to know how it will develope
9/22/2019 c14 JacobGuardian
I really like this story, it's well written and with lot of little details. I really hope that you will upload another chapter.
8/21/2019 c14 NightshotShadowFury
Eric, are you still alive?
7/20/2019 c14 Guest
can you make more updates on the week?
7/9/2019 c9 Guest
WW 2 AU One-shot would be amazing
6/9/2019 c13 Guest
when will this be updated
3/7/2019 c13 Guest
nice back!how you fell now after that accident?
3/7/2019 c13 killernooch
nooooo not Oswald he was so agreeable
3/7/2019 c10 killernooch
1/16/2019 c12 Roko123
Please next
10/10/2018 c11 Guest
Don't leave us! Please!

Help us CommanderGreya! You're our only hope!
8/22/2018 c11 Guest
Please update soon.
6/30/2018 c10 Guest
Can you please update!
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