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for Mourning Mom

6/18/2017 c2 Starship King
I'm sorry :(

Wish you nothing but the best.

Stay strong!

~Starship King
6/1/2017 c2 36The Desert Dancer
Oh crap, I'm so sorry to hear this Queen :( I...I hope for the best.

This is also a good Chapter, one to be proud of.
5/30/2017 c1 Whatevs1
Really cool. I just posted my first Little Shop of Horrors fanfiction. Care to read it?
5/18/2017 c1 Starship King
Liking this :) Keep going!
5/18/2017 c1 The Desert Dancer
Wow, this was pretty good :) You should definitely be proud of this work, Queen! This is one I quite like, because it deals with my favorite holiday. Keep up the good work!


The Desert Dancer

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