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for Maybe We Could Make Music Together?

2/22/2019 c2 zeldagamer832
this story is amazing so far I love the way you set this story up I know it hasn't been updated for awhile but I really do hope you find time to continue the story
8/15/2017 c2 1en jaune
Your writing is fricking good! I just have recently found you and I've already fallen in love with your story. I have read your first story, and girl, it's must be one of the best female!Percy I've ever read. But sadly, it's seemed to be discontinued. *sigh* Anyways, keep up your good works!
6/1/2017 c2 Dies Irae
I like the fusion of manga-verse and anime-verse. It's quite striking how different the two are, but you've done a good job of mixing them. I do have some qualms about this (as a syncretism of the two could potentially yield some pretty ridiculous results), but you made it work.

The set up is great; this could become the best romance story in the archive. Good stuff.
5/28/2017 c2 TheNightstriker
Damn. So she went down that path huh? It's not bad but it's just a little bit sad that Honoka has... dulled. Maki is spiteful and melancholic, their both still stuck in the past with memories of muse. It's sad. It's certainly been interesting to see how they've been doing so far I hope we'll get another look into their lives. The duo is certainly interesting. One of my favorite rare pairs in fact.
5/22/2017 c2 FieryKataX310
Interesting first two chapters. Did a great job in presenting how both Maki and Honoka are sustaining after the disbandment of μ's. The one-sided HonoUmi was a surprise, but with the right development can lead to the HonoMaki this story is about (or is what I think). Though if I remember this correctly, wasn't there only one class of first years when Love Live began. So having Maki be in a different classroom from Rin and Hanayo wouldn't have been possible (maybe?). But so far the story has an interesting plot for a romance story and HonoMaki is much appreciated. Will come back to review again next chapter!
5/19/2017 c1 Ms flower
Very nice, too bad muse disbanded and that they are not friends anymore, or atleast that's what Maki thinks.
Anyway i'm curious to see how they'll play music together.
Great story.
5/20/2017 c2 25Masane
It was really an interesting chapter see How event went for Honoka.
But it could be better for the stor if you put this chapter as the first and we read t one with Maki, it make thus unfold the two chapter in the same day instead to begin in the afternoon with and then go back to a very morning with Honoka only.

Good work, until next time !
5/19/2017 c1 Masane
I was not really expecting anything from this story, just thinking it could be a great moment to read something new ... and I have fifteen minute to spar so I just help myself with it.
And now I just want the next.
Between Maki who just can't concentrated with her studies and Honoka who look less like her usual cheerful character was just ... what I was searching in some stories.

Good Job with this first chapter.
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