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for roses are red, roses are white

8/5/2020 c1 1AuthorOfBooksisI
Please update. I adore this and the way you combined tradition and history into it. I’ve read it like 5 tkme
7/9/2020 c15 6dootadoot
This update is such joy!
5/25/2020 c15 Guest
I squealed when I saw this was updated! LOVE this chapter and cannot wait to read more. You're very talented
5/25/2020 c14 Guest
Can you update more often cause this is my favourite HG fic ever I thonk
5/24/2020 c15 Guest
They are finally together, after all the odds T-T they are so precious
5/24/2020 c15 asianinvasion0530
Wow what. A. Rollercoaster.
I’m so so happy that Madge and Gale are reunited and finally get their happy ending after all they’ve been through! I wish Marvel could have gotten some kind of punishment for everything he’s done, but at least no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop Madge and Gale from being together after all.
I think this was the best chapter yet!
PS Rory and Phillipa not being able to keep it in their pants and scarring Gale is freaking hilarious
5/24/2020 c15 6Hawtsee
This chapter was just sheer perfection from beginning to end. I loved it.

Marvel is clever, much more that I had given him credit for because this was a clever plan and it would have broken most people, but he underestimated Madge's strength and resolve. She has been through so much, has fought for so long, as if Marvel is going to be the one who breaks her. Even at the darkest and most difficult time of her life, Madge kept her head held high, she used every skill she had, she was so smart, bided her time and when the opportunity came she was quick and brave.

Sorry, Katniss, but Madge is the real queen.

After doing so much alone for so long, it was so heartening to see somebody finally come to her rescue and for Madge to no longer have to be alone. It was heartbreaking to see her breakdown in Gale's arms but also it was heartwarming too. Because she could only allow herself to break down like that when she felt safe, when she didn't have to fight any more. So when she was in Gale's arms, she finally, finally felt she could let go and just cry because he was there to protect her and take care of her. And seeing Madge have somebody take care of her the way Gale has since he found her has been beautiful, even with his slight misstep of having Leavy (wonderful Leavy) be the one to wait on her.

The scene where they talked about the things they've done and forgiving each other was so beautiful. They've come so far from that first conversation when they hated each other.

And they're married now. I held my breath for that entire scene until Thom helped Madge out of the carriage because I was so afraid something would go wrong and that Marvel would have one last trick up his sleeve. But he didn't (not yet), and they're married, finally, and I'm so happy.

Other highlights - Peeta using his smarts to outwit Marvel and save Madge, (If he and Madge ever team up, look out world) Prim coming to visit Madge and bringing her baby, everything about Rory and Phillipa, Posy sending Madge a pansy for her wedding, Thom being the supportive best friend, Katniss realizing she made mistakes and resolving to be a better queen this time around, Hazelle seeing how much Madge and Gale love each other, the monks protecting Madge's virtue, (even if they were horrible to Madge) how blatantly the kitchen maids hated Maud and Matilda, the messenger who believed Madge and took the locket to Gale.

So wonderful, I loved it, every bit of it (except the And he will be, I'm ignoring that little bomb for now.)
4/20/2020 c14 Leslie
This is incredible writing. Living for a gadge reunion at the moment
3/4/2020 c14 asianinvasion0530
Wow what a rollercoaster! I thought for sure Gale and Madge would have at least some lasting happiness during this chapter, but I guess Marvel has other plans. Hopefully Madge can get away from Marvel's clutches somehow in the next chapter!
3/4/2020 c14 2GBblahblahblah
Oh my GOD! My emotions are all over the place aha! I was so excited when I saw the chapter update and you did not fail to give me what I had been waiting for. This chapter was amazing and I can’t wait to see what gadge plot is coming up next. The intimacy that you go into astounds me. Keep up the amazing work and I hope to see another chapter soon!
3/4/2020 c14 Rubandepluie
Oh god! This story is so epic! I can't say enough how much I love it, it's always such an excitement when I see an update, thank you, I can't imagine how much time you must spend on research! That being said , and please don't take it the wrong way because I say this with a huge respect for you and your work, but might you consider more frequent updates but with shorter chapters? I have to admit it's hard to keep track of the plot when 6 months pass in between... It is not a reproach , I know everyone has their own writing rythm and all, so please disregard it completely if it would not work for you. I just wanted to share that reader experience... that, and it's excruciating to finish a chapter with such a cliffhanger when you know it's gonna be a long wait , and I am such an impatient girl ... :)
So anyway, it's always a pleasure to read your work so thank you for this amazing story!
3/4/2020 c14 nursekelly0429
I am so glad that you updated this story. I cannot figure out where Marvel is sending her!
3/4/2020 c14 6Hawtsee
Jesus H Christ. I have been through all the emotions. All of them. My nerves cannot handle all this. Poor Madge, how does she carry on over and over again. You throw the worst at her, everytime and she picks herself up and finds a way to keep her head up and her dignity. She's such a wonderful, amazing woman, and I love love love that she saves herself by her own guile and intelligence. Over and over again, she is underestimated and over and over again she bests everyone who tries to keep her down. No way is a leftover slime sample like Marvel going to beat Madge. But as much as I love Madge saving herself, please give the girl a break and have somebody (Gale) help out her out.

The one small brief gadge moment was so beautiful and so not enough. Oh, please let them reunite soon and for good.
1/22/2020 c13 Guest
Love madge’s Character in this! And gale of Salisbury is so yummy!
11/21/2019 c13 Guest
So good! Loved this chapter! Can’t wait for the next :)
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