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for An Angel's Choice - A Demon's Future

2/25 c4 4Pink ranger 13
It's a great story and pleas continue the story!
2/22 c4 Michael
So far so good , for Lacus partner I think Nicol would be good, for Kira trauma I think Lacus being shot is one of the closest thing for her trauma to resurface
2/18 c4 mariaalexandradelcarmen.eljuririsquez
Hello! I am from Venezuela, I would like Lacus to stay with Nicol or an oc, of what refers to the customizable gundam for the REAPER I found an image that I think can serve
. /gunfamfanon/images/5/58/Gundam_ /revision/latest?cb20140806040900
1/30 c3 Michael
It’s very interesting on the direction of your story is taking and since I don’t have an account yet I would vote for Kira x Mu. Kinda curious how are you going to pair them.
1/22 c1 flo463
Why a female and not male Kira?
1/21 c1 hitomi65
Since long time age I want story with lacks and Kira as twin
12/31/2017 c3 VTXD
Nice beginning, keep up the work
Also wat poll? XD
12/29/2017 c3 2northernlion196
I'm weird, even in the normal series I always thought Kira looked way better in a zaft pilot suit! Now (S)he is going to permanently have it here!
5/21/2017 c1 idea.getthe
Read fanfiction by dragonknightryu.
As for the name, why not just keep it original? With story that they have to separated at birth due to political problem which force the family into hiding due to the ultimate coordinator project backlash?
5/20/2017 c1 Guest
About time there is another possible Fem-Kira fic.

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