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for One Last Chance

8/14 c16 110bluecatcinema
This chapter had quite a battle in it. And it looks like more action is on the way...
8/14 c16 3Naru Nanigoto
WOW!, ¡Who's this guy!, ¿Is he the reason why Mist wanted to leave?. Intriguing
7/22 c15 Naru Nanigoto
I can wait, take your time. :D
6/20 c1 4Admirer Boy
Keep writing. I will like to read more of your story. I am beginner in fanfics but has a passion to write. So I am trying my best to make my story more interesting and meaningful. Writer like you will always be my inspiration.
6/20 c1 3Naru Nanigoto
1 DAY LEFT!?. Well I don't think the last 2 days were that important. At least we know what's going on. :D
6/18 c13 110bluecatcinema
Wow, things are getting really dire here. Poor Fluttershy. Despite her best efforts, Myst is still set on leaving...
6/18 c1 42WyldClaw
that was a fabulous descriptive chapter
6/14 c13 3Naru Nanigoto
This chapter was so COOL. I wish I could do a story that intriguing.
6/12 c12 110bluecatcinema
Things are getting more and more intense. Keep it up.
6/12 c4 3Naru Nanigoto
Oh my... ¡Mist has serious mental problems!. I really hope he can solve them.
6/11 c11 Naru Nanigoto
What ever is going to happen in 5 days is going to be very dangerous... I CAN'T WAIT!.
6/7 c10 6ST4RSK1MM3R
Dang, the writing quality of this story went from about a 4-5 to a solid 8 this chapter. Nice work.
6/5 c9 3Naru Nanigoto
¿What does the 7 days means?...Meh, I will find out when you upload a new chapter. Anyways this story is soo intriguing, nice work!.
6/5 c7 Naru Nanigoto
6/5 c3 Naru Nanigoto
That character is soo mysterious. It makes me want to read more to know who is this character.
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