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for One Last Chance

6/20 c1 2Admirer Boy
Keep writing. I will like to read more of your story. I am beginner in fanfics but has a passion to write. So I am trying my best to make my story more interesting and meaningful. Writer like you will always be my inspiration.
6/20 c1 3Naru Nanigoto
1 DAY LEFT!?. Well I don't think the last 2 days were that important. At least we know what's going on. :D
6/18 c13 110bluecatcinema
Wow, things are getting really dire here. Poor Fluttershy. Despite her best efforts, Myst is still set on leaving...
6/18 c1 37WyldClaw
that was a fabulous descriptive chapter
6/14 c13 3Naru Nanigoto
This chapter was so COOL. I wish I could do a story that intriguing.
6/12 c12 110bluecatcinema
Things are getting more and more intense. Keep it up.
6/12 c4 3Naru Nanigoto
Oh my... ¡Mist has serious mental problems!. I really hope he can solve them.
6/11 c11 Naru Nanigoto
What ever is going to happen in 5 days is going to be very dangerous... I CAN'T WAIT!.
6/7 c10 6ST4RSK1MM3R
Dang, the writing quality of this story went from about a 4-5 to a solid 8 this chapter. Nice work.
6/5 c9 3Naru Nanigoto
¿What does the 7 days means?...Meh, I will find out when you upload a new chapter. Anyways this story is soo intriguing, nice work!.
6/5 c7 Naru Nanigoto
6/5 c3 Naru Nanigoto
That character is soo mysterious. It makes me want to read more to know who is this character.
6/1 c6 110bluecatcinema
Poor Fluttershy. I shudder to think of what her reaction will be...
5/20 c1 bluecatcinema
I didn't think this story needed a rewrite, but you know what's best. I look forward to re-reading this story.
5/20 c1 6ST4RSK1MM3R
Dang, pretty high quality writing for , I applaud you. (Not to say that everything in the MLP section is of poor quality, it's just lower than, say, FiMfiction.)

Interesting so far. Also, if you haven't already, upload this to FiMfiction, you will get a lot more attention than if you only upload it here.

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