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for Finest Silver

4/29/2021 c3 2PunkPrincessHP
Ooh! This is a fun start! I look forward to reading more!
11/22/2017 c3 44WyldClaw
what an awesome chapter
11/22/2017 c2 WyldClaw
that was so descriptive. I love silver and Inkblotch's names
11/22/2017 c1 WyldClaw
wow! what a great prologue
5/30/2017 c3 17Kiss of the Breeze
Sorry if my ramblings weren't clear last chapter! What I was thinking may be the case here was: in the show, all the changelings we saw were originally trolls, stolen as kids and magic makes them able to turn human. I had wondered if maybe Silver was the reverse, she was originally a human and magic'd into becoming a troll.

I thought it was really cool how you used the corrupted looking font to obscure out part of her memories from the reader. So her name was once Emiko? Or she once knew an Emiko? I suppose we'll find out.

A wild Strickler appears! Dun dun DUN! The random changeling suddenly being in pain and falling was odd. More mysteries.
5/29/2017 c2 Kiss of the Breeze
Aw, I love Draal. He's such a big softy. *all the hearts*
Blinky, though, hahaha. He's a mother hen to his core. I love him.

I'm very intrigued by Silver. For her to suddenly feel heavy, be more used to using her top arms than all of her arms, no memories but somehow knows Blinky and Vendel. But the self-made wounds... like she was grabbing herself but didn't know to expect troll strength. WAS SHE A HUMAN!? Is she a changeling? Did it happen in reverse instead of a troll turning changeling and becoming a human a human turned changeling by turning troll? But that wouldn't explain why she'd know Blinky, unless whoever she heard say something about Silver (I feel like that's probably also important) mentioned Blinky to her. Maybe. I'm sure it'll all be made clear soon!

She's a pretty interesting character so far. Clearly still very young; a little petulant a little impatient and a fan of cats!
I'm sure Blinky is going to fret and flutter when he finds out she's missing and I'm betting she's going to get something of a lecture when she's found/ finds her way back.
5/29/2017 c1 Kiss of the Breeze
Off to an interesting start! I like the way you opened and set the scene. What a peaceful visual of a sunset. All the more jarring for the near death that happened a few sentences later, aha!

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