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11/18/2019 c7 3Caelys
Yeah, I know, I disappeared during a long time but your story was trotting in my head so I'm back for finish my reading ;)

Very lethal, Indeed.

And a new death… Roy will really be the last alive.

But… If Team Firestorm is so necessary for Imanys and that world, why Dialga let the Mafia Pokémon do all of this? He could have prevented that...
11/18/2019 c6 Caelys
Well...! What of face to face boisterous!

Roy is creepy like that, to love to kill...
8/29/2018 c23 17AeroJester203
It's good to see this story and saga completed, and congratulations on your new career choice. I'll always be on this site if you want to talk, but for now I wish you the best. See you when I see you. :)
8/29/2018 c23 Talgar
A great ending. Its been quite the rollercoster over these past years, and you did well in something thats difficult to do: the ending. This actually felt like a PMD ending, and that authenicity is something you dont see often. Also, this series of fics is unique in the sense that the authors and readers ideas meshed togehther well to form this excellent series. And lol, you moving on to professinal writing is giving this fic that young justice feel. It ended, and we want MORE! But then again, its always worth the wait, so when the sequel/spin off/ etc comes out, ill be waiting. Once again, i want to wish you luck on your professinal writing endeavors, and ill be sure to buy a copy(or read it if its a web novel)
8/29/2018 c23 4Parousia45
The ending is pretty nice and bittersweet as while everything is good and happy, it isn't 100% like that. Valerie is now a mortal who doesn't have her powers anymore that she will die soon, Dawn has most of her memories gone and is now living with Hypno in a retreat for enlightenment, Amber is separated from Conner while leaving behind a child who will she never see again, and because of what Connor did, he'll never see Grovyle and his friends from the Future again. On the plus side, Team Firestorm is alive and well (Even though Caroline is back to her original world and will never see Team Firestorm again), Conner has a daughter who will become an awesome explorer, life returned peacefully, Roy moved on and is now with Jade, and there are no more bad guys who will appear someday. I don't know why, but I like bittersweet endings since life can't be perfect.

Also, about the new couple of Roy and Jade, my OC Carla has been shipping those two since the first time they met. The way how Jade is a tsundere to Roy that she smiled when she blasted a wild Mismagius during one of their explorations. I never thought they would end up being together in the end despite Dawn's betrayal and Roy breaking up with her (Carla was thinking of a love triangle between the three, but she was devastated about Dawn's betrayal). Still, Jade's way of going through the entire Destiny Tower just for Roy was an act of true love. I also wonder if Mirage (Poor her, she lost her mother then also her father that she'll become the next ruler of the kingdom) and Vulcan became together.

Speaking of my OCs, I still remembered when Magnus trash-talked Sky and said something that is Harsher in Hindsight in the Q&A for asking something innocent. Dear, I don't want to see a battle between those two but Sky's adopted older brother (A Swampert who is a nice guy but has a nasty temper and hates hearing people mutter bad words) is worse as his opponent. Not to mention insulting and harming Sky is one of the things that pushes his buttons. I hope Connor isn't like that to Magnus if he says bad words in front of Petra.

Going back, good job on finishing the trilogy! I was surprised that I am one of the top contributors of the story. I am surprised because I'm just an average writer and not as good as any professionals but touched because I helped you out. I'm interested of what your future stories will be so keep it up!
2/17/2018 c21 Talgar
Val is mortal now? Irony... I hope the last two chpaters close up all the loose plot ends, like who is taking the sand kingdom throne, and cinders search for team virus.
1/1/2018 c20 Talgar
Wow..."hold her down" that part implies some really dark stuff.. Its nice to see that Drowzee evovled, and how his character devovlped from a criminal and a kidnapper to kinda like a monk. Destiny tower though.. I feel like Somebodys gonna take a L
12/1/2017 c19 10chosenone1994
This chapter was so tense. Several characters have reached their boiling points, in other words, they are VERY furious of what has transpired here so far. They better keep it together though, or their own anger will cost them AND the world their lives. What do you think of that, Connor?
12/1/2017 c19 1Grey917
The wait is finally over! Fantastic job, as always.
12/1/2017 c19 Talgar
So ryder, caroline and team virus are part of a parrelel timeline? Is cinder part of it as well? I hope all is explained soon. The scene with dawn though. Man the feels. She is all alone now, forced to wander... I feel bad for her. Great chapter, and im looking forawrd to the destiny tower arc.
10/5/2017 c18 17AeroJester203
First off, I'm glad to hear that you're branching off into writing to publish instead of as a hobby. Second, THIS CHAPTER, man. Lots of heavy emotions.

I can't tell if Dusknoir plunged Valerie into a nightmare hallucination or brought her into some sort of projected shadow dimension, but it was terrifying either way.

Dawn breaking down is just sad. She legitimately doesn't want to live, and was determined to just take Victor down with her before dying herself. I'm glad that Connor was able to talk her down from that.

Roy... I truly wonder whether his return is prophecy or wishful thinking. Either way, he did what a lot of people don't get the chance to do: Make a difference before dying. Rest in peace, Shadow Comedian.
10/5/2017 c18 Talgar
This chapter... So we see what dusknoir is capable of. Though he kinda cheated, bringing Valerie to a realm where he had a massive advantage. I wonder what made connor have a change of heart, as he had no qualms killing pokemon before. Hopefully next time will elaborate more on this. So roy is gonna get reincarnated again? That will be interesting in the SMD stories.
9/24/2017 c17 Talgar
Whoh so dawn is seeking redemption. She may not succeed.. So is castiel/roy dead, or will he return? I guess we will find out in the next chapter.
9/3/2017 c16 Talgar
Wow Valerie just got ROCKED by wigglytuff. Soulburner is really back with a vengeance, to make up for the long time since we have seen him. Roy will have a tough time protecting Jade ,himself, and reviving the rest of his teamates.
8/14/2017 c14 1Grey917
Wow. Just wow
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