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for Meet me in Maretonia

3/7 c1 39WyldClaw
what a descriptive amazing history of Maretonia
8/3/2017 c19 34Richforce
Great job. A wonderful way to finish the story.
7/30/2017 c18 Richforce
Nice job.
7/30/2017 c18 39WyldClaw
Hoooray! Fiesta unveiled Bifido for the villain he was ( right before the duchess gave him what he mucho mucho deserved)
7/29/2017 c17 34Richforce
Thought that the Mummies would have had a few Calavera thrown in for good measure.
7/27/2017 c16 Richforce
Why do I get the feeling the Duchess is about to become a widow?
7/23/2017 c15 Richforce
7/15/2017 c14 39WyldClaw
hollly cow! the duchess was an alicorn?

i KNEW there was something suspicious about Bilfido !
7/10/2017 c14 34Richforce
muy mal...
7/7/2017 c13 39WyldClaw
ooooh! what's sunny keeping from them about the Miratian royal family now?

oh my horse master! who shot Pepperdance? will he be okay?
7/7/2017 c11 WyldClaw
hooray! moonlight and sunny made up
7/5/2017 c13 34Richforce
Nice job.
7/5/2017 c12 Richforce
The mystery deepens.
6/27/2017 c10 39WyldClaw
Gasp! Who killed the duchess? And why would they frame watercolor?

I don't trust the duke's griffin advisor

Ha! Moonlight knew from the start who 'Sunny salsa' really was! That's sad that he never realized that she had a mucho mucho crush on him
6/27/2017 c10 34Richforce
I bet we're about to learn more about the conspiracy.
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