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5/23 c53 kaskazi117
Don't stop now! Down a can of redbull and get writing!
4/30 c4 Guest
evil old man playing god
4/16 c53 Shilmizta
This really is a fantastic story, i love it! I hope you are well and that i get to read more of it soon! :)
4/10 c12 Nitxsua
This story is really well written and I've been really enjoying it, but it's just hitting my biggest peeve way too hard.

It's so common in these kind of polycule relationships with a lot of writers where the non-Harry members of the polycule feel great for each other, and Harry feels like the odd one out. The girls have a stable and romantic basis for a relationship and Harry is struggling and groveling to fit in. This whole emotional snap arc was great, but I already see how it's being handled and hate it. The girls can do no wrong, and even when they do it's minor and gotten over quickly (or Harry is over reacting), while Harry gets the silent treatment and 'punished' for his mistakes. I've seen it so many times and every time it feels wrong. My childhood was pretty damn close to what this fic implies Daphne's was like, and I can guarantee you if I was Harry I'd be getting out of that relationship as fast as I could. His trauma is only superficially considered and functionally trivialized by every single person so far even the healers so far and it bothers me.

Dropping this fic for now. Might come back later, but unlikely.
4/9 c53 1Hades1295
Hope the story continues, I’ve loved it so far
3/15 c29 lartessier44
A great story so far however i have yet to hear a young British lad to use God's name in vain, its more I'm xorry to say an American bad habit, You are a learned writer and I hope you will not be offended by my remark, Remember the first commandment my good author, God bless you,
3/5 c1 7PearlxAdvance
incompletemy downvote its really good otherwise despite the tropes especially the ancient and most noble houses trope which i fucking hate, this was readable
2/7 c53 WildOnionTops
Enjoying the story so far. Looking forward to seeing how bond continues to progress
1/31 c4 Archer957
ive read this story before but god damn i forgot just how over dramatic and ridiculous harry is. he jumps to ridiculous conclusions without even hearing people out
1/23 c53 Guest
Love the story except how you write Snape, I like a Snape that's a bit of a dick but not that much of a dick/immature.
12/5/2023 c53 Jyoung061979
Not sure when you updated last, love the story hope theres more soon.
11/19/2023 c53 2Karou WindStalker
here's hoping this continues
11/11/2023 c34 snow in the darkness
Sometimes I forgot I was reading about 13-year-old children
10/3/2023 c7 Dumbles Basher
Buy an English grammar primer. Learn how to use an apostrophe. Clearly you do not know how. Or perhaps you simply do not know the difference between plural and possessive. Your storytelling is good. Your grammar is not.
10/3/2023 c53 Solstice07
I'll keep my hope alive for an update to this beautiful story, since the previous chapter also took a shitload of time. Great writing dude
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