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3/22 c1 Sailor Ukyo
HughJasz, why don't you try writing a original Harry Potter story yourself instead of constantly complaining how you don't like how a character acts
3/22 c1 2Edboyz
Absolutely love your story and can't wait for more!
3/20 c53 Teh P
Just found out your story and I have to say, it's one awesome plot!
Soul bound of four people, it's great and you got me hooked, couldn't stop reading!
Hope that your life is good and to see the next chapter soon!
3/16 c50 jimmy.oz
Really is good so far but needs more updates.
3/7 c24 HughJasz
The plot around the Greegrasses makes no sense. Cyril literally basically mentioned that Soul Bonded people are literally made for one another. Romance is guaranteed and so is their marriage essentially. What's the point of including the pressure in the first place? To anyone with half a brain it's essentially already happened by your own rules so what's his problem?

I'm tired to these played out dramatic tropes. The blatant virtue signaling about "sexism" in your own interpretation of the HP world - not cannon - is beyond annoying as well. Harry despite having all this power and knowledge and with him supposedly getting better is still the weakest member of their group. I have no idea why any of the girls would like him at all unless the bond somehow forced it upon them.

I've given this story more than a generous chance to get better over time. This story is just plain bad.
3/7 c18 HughJasz
Jesus fucking christ. I'm not asking for much, maybe just an iota of competence. Harry supposedly all powerful with his magic and yet he's getting beaten black and blue by his relatives, whom he wasn't apparently prepared to actually meet when he knocked on their godamn door. No attempts to defend himself at all... completely helpless while he's beaten like a sack of shit.

The only thing that Harry has ever been good at in this entire series so far is taking beatings.
3/7 c12 HughJasz
GET IN THE FUCKING ROBOT SHINJI!. Oh wait sorry wrong series. Harry is such a winy piece of shit it's hard to tell the difference some times.
2/14 c42 DanYHKim
Holy crap!

2/13 c40 DanYHKim
Sirius Black is able to hear in ultrasonic range as a dog. I have always wanted to see a fanfic in which Harry could explain to him that he wanted to facilitate his exoneration by broadcasting the spoken message at high frequency.

In the Superman movie, Lex Luther transmits a message to Superman in this way.
2/13 c36 DanYHKim
Not "parents"

"When you feel up to it, Harry," Susan told him, leaning forward to look him in the eye, "you don't need to tell us in excruciating detail, like you probably had to deal with when you gave your statement for the case against your parents. We don't need to know every little thing. It would be nice to be able to share some of that burden, especially if it'll help you with healing."
2/13 c35 DanYHKim
OK. Gilderoy Lockhart has his mind erased by his own misfired Oblivious, and people use other spells on themselves all the time. The resonance frequency thing is not correct
2/12 c24 DanYHKim
Aah. I had suspected about Daphne. But they are truly becoming bonded to *each other*, so this can be worked out, with love and patience. I hope for the best.

Becoming invested in the outcome of the characters is, for me, a Hallmark of good writing.
2/11 c53 7Acacia Vix
Just spent all day binging this. Absolutely brilliant, can't wait for the next chapter.
2/10 c1 DanYHKim
Scars you can see are one thing, but childhood abuse also scars the soul. A deep double meaning to the title.
2/10 c4 DanYHKim
The smart one. The connected one. The rich(?) one.

Something like that. Nice complementarity.

"He'll get bored of you don't react." You really pegged it. The rules of life for an abused child.
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