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9/22/2021 c23 morcheller
A lovely ending to the chapter. My only regret is that no one kicked Gilderoy's ass!
9/21/2021 c18 morcheller
Just out of curiosity, if the Unspeakables always keep their identity hidden under plain grey cloaks; how is it that the guards at the door know who is allowed entrance and who is not? I don't recall any mention of them wearing marks of rank or varied robes that identified their status. Any ideas?
9/11/2021 c52 E.Elliot
I love it!
9/4/2021 c50 USSRParrot
I agree Daph I agree
9/1/2021 c52 Hank1967
Wow! This is a really cool story! Just got finished reading up to here. I like how you've managed to create your own Harry as well as bring Susan and Daphne to life, along with Blaise as well. I think you've done a great job incorporating realistic reactions into both Harry and Daphne. Abuse will always leave a mark that will have to be dealt with in order for the survivor (I don't like the term 'victim' in general - personally, I'm a survivor) to grow and thrive. I do like how the four are helping each other will all of this. Also enjoying Sirius and Amy. Really liked your twist on the Quidditch World Cup. I thought that whole episode was very well done. I do hope you will come back to the story and update it when you get a chance. It's really well done and I'm looking forward to seeing how things pan out. Update soon please!
8/18/2021 c52 3Skunktrain
I'm a little late to the party, but my money is on Fleur crashing the date.
8/14/2021 c30 Baz62
Daphne is one of my favourite characters. So not going to be happy if something happens to her.
7/24/2021 c8 1konnij
I'm mother to a child who was badly abused by her birth family... your characterization of a traumatized child's issues with physical contact, trust of authority figure, difficulty accurately defining and acting on emotions, and even overly protective behavior towards those they consider "theirs" thus far seems VERY accurate for a child with an attachment disorder. Thank you for your thoughtful and honest, though hopefully, treatment of this often ignored side of the story. I look forward to seeing how the story develops.
6/3/2021 c1 MarcusKole
Just found this story and really enjoyed it and am looking forward to more. But I see it has not been updated in over a year. Has it been stopped or are RL issues still plaguing you?
5/23/2021 c27 Himanshu.99
Full of cliches, author didn't do a good job in writing this fic
5/3/2021 c2 K1lluaa
Very inconsistent characterization of Harry here. Traumatized and timid character shrinks into himself at the smallest touch but suddenly goes Jason Born when faced with the thing that traumatized him in the first place? Why would he shy away from a fly but pounce at a bear, how does that make sense? Also, why would Harry suddenly use his wand, a tool he has never used and has no familiarity with, to intimidate his adversary? I am surprised you didn't make him use some instinctively unlocked martial arts moves as well just to spice up the scene a little bit.

Also just glanced over chapter 3. Why would Harry call out to Daphne, a person he does not know whatsoever, in front of the whole school? How would the character you described before ever find the nerve to do something like that?

I hope I don't come off to harsh, I just want to underline how absurd those scenes appear to me.

Best wishes!
4/19/2021 c52 Liss
I adore this story was wondering if you were going to continue it?
4/13/2021 c16 1Selina Potter5
Do they not remember when harry ranted and said he couldn't get sleep because he saw them dead? When is the offer of seperate bed same room or cuddle together gonna come through
3/24/2021 c52 Liss
I adore this story and really hope that you update soon
3/12/2021 c1 Bostonette
What the hell is wrong with writers? Is a spineless Harry when he’s with girls a requirement in these stories? Fucking ridiculous.
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