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11/3/2022 c21 Guest
"I would have to double check the charter in regards to curfew, but I do not believe that you broke any school rules.

She also wouldn't be able to really do anything about it as she's known for half a year that he's been out and about early in the morning, giving him tacit permission to continue doing so. She could prevent him from continuing to do leave the dorms at an early hour, but that's about it.
11/4/2022 c53 Kieser83
So I finally caught up and hoping one day you come back this is one of the best I have read
11/4/2022 c53 dogman999
Just read all 53 chapters that are out over the past week. Love the story. Keep up the good work. As long as you promise to finish the story, take as long as you need to.
11/3/2022 c2 harmscody074
smut vision of this please okay
11/1/2022 c11 Guest
"The philosophers stone is the penultimate goal of alchemy.

Then what is the ultimate goal?
10/31/2022 c9 Guest
"Our betters? You really think you're better than us just because you can do magic?"

"Yes, I really think our extended lifespans, access to health care you could only dream of, ability to manipulate reality, increased durability, and everything else that magic gives us makes us better than you. Why? Did you think that your dog is better than you? Do you admire farm animals for their short and simple lives?"

Magic users ARE better. Or, at the very least, they should be. Better in general oesn't necessarily translate to better individually.
10/22/2022 c32 kuramathetranscened
I think I know how the Oracles work. They age backwards through time so that which they foretell has already happened for them but, not for everyone else.
10/21/2022 c41 Shirabe
-All they found of him was a finger after the explosion
How often does an explosion leave a whole chunk of finger?
That is a huge clue in and of itself.

-we're adding Pettigrew to our search. If his name comes up on that map I want him caught before he even knows he's been compromised

Kinda surprised that no one noticed Pettigrew on the map before.

-Neville, Blaise, and the four bondmates behind
Any reason why Tracey and Hannah was not included and why Blaise was?

-You and Daphne have your Slytherin tendencies, but you are still way too Gryffindor for your own good. I think you could use a real Slytherin in this group to make sure you all stay alive to see graduation."
And Tracey isn't seen as a Slytherin? Also would Tracey be bullied or isolated as a result of being a half-blood in Slytherin? How did she meet and become friends with Daphne? What sort of struggles did her House and herself go through?

Also it would be nice to see more Slytherin from Daphne or Tracey etc rather than just Harry all the time. Need to give the side characters (Tracey, Hannah, Astoria etc) more development too.

Also, is Astoria in Slytherin? Does she have the blood curse? Is she getting ostracised in Slytherin?

Also I think Harry should of apologised to Snape for attacking him when he had that 'panic attack'

-he knew enough to understand that people didn't tend to appreciate someone they loved kissing another person. So why was she so calm?
Different standards between magical and muggle maybe?

-Unlike Daphne, Susan was only two or three inches shorter than he was.
Don't girls go through puberty first? So in say 1st, and second or even third or fourth year they would still be taller than Harry? Or he just unusual tall?

-That did nothing to prepare him for the reality of Susan's lips against his own and for a moment he could only marvel at the sensation, his mind freezing up entirely.
Her lips moved gently against his and his pulse shot up as his heart began pounding in his chest. Susan's kiss was gentle, soft, with only a minimum of pressure applied.

For a kiss to work, wouldn't the body be pressed up against him? So, in theory he would feel other parts too? Same with the case with Daphne. Though I suppose his brain might just be focusing on the kiss part.

-picture of a gold framed mirror and a reflection of an older version of himself with the three essential women in his life standing with him.
Still wondering what everyone all looked like older. To me, feel like there was not enough detail about the appearance of each.

Also is the magic population in Britain suffering a decline in population? Hogwarts seems way too big for the tiny amount of school children present.

With metamorphs, in theory they wouldn't die of old age, right? So does that mean there could be super old metamorphs that are super powerful since more you do magic, stronger in magic power you become? Like so powerful that everyone can tell straight away due to the 'atmosphere'. (Also did Tonks due to metamorph ability, get loads of horrible 'requests' or bullied due to said abilities in school)

-Tonks shook her head. "It's not a matter of preference. I didn't decide one day 'you know what? I think I'm more girl than boy so that's what I'll stick with'. It's similar to homosexuals, they didn't decide to be gay, that's just how they are, and my body reflects the 'me' on the inside, my sense of self and individuality."

However there are quite a number of people who, when something in their life goes wrong, use being gay as an excuse. Instead of actually looking at the problem, they run away, using gayness to avoid looking at reality. Not saying all homosexuals are like this but there is a decent size bunch who do this.

-Eventually, I decided that it's not the person's body that I would find attractive, but the person.
Huh? Do you mean personality (not outward but inner?) Because 'the person' makes it rather confusing. Maybe use a different word?

-Hermione moved closer and gently took Daphne's hands in her own, drawing the smaller girl to her feet.
So is Daphne going through Puberty last?

Also that theory of how magic works by Healer Grant, I think? Is it saying magic is like some sort of energy that is manipulated to form a certain desired outcome? Like a sort of ambient magic? (This could mean rune casting could be far more exciting than it seems).

PS. Have you read All according to plan fanfic series (also on AO3)? How they write runic casting and magic is really amazing and detailed.
(My favourite scene was the world cup riot and explanation for what occurred)
Will we see something like that in this fic?

PSS. All according to plan explanation for Bellatrix Black with childhood compulsions (form of mind magic) by Riddle actually makes a lot of sense. Explains why she is so devoted to Riddle.
10/21/2022 c39 Shirabe
-That doesn't make you weak, and them strong," Remus told him, gently. "From what I've heard, you've had a far harder life than probably any other student in this school, and likely many of the professors as well, come to think of it. The thing about Dementors is that they suck out all the happiness in an area, forcing those affected by their presence to relieve their worst memories complete with the fear, pain, and hurt that comes with those memories. For most of those students, their bad memories are, simply put, not that bad.

I doubt that, certain other purebloods would of have a upbringing similar to Daphne or worse.
They would of reacted extremely bad to the dementors.

-Patronus Charm and usually isn't taught until NEWT classes as it is a very difficult charm and only a small percentage of adult wizards have the power or mental discipline to cast it."

As they teach it incorrectly no wonder only a small percent know how to cast it.
How it should be taught is not think of happy memories but what you want to protect. As it is in the name of the spell.

Also we hear about Susan (such as the scar and mirror scene), Hermione (that time at house, happy she is developing) and Harry (a number of times) various appearance description such as muscles, breasts,and legs BUT never hear about Daphne appearance other than she is beautiful, her hair and shorter than Harry.

-Reaching the base of her skull, Susan gently tilted Hermione's head back until she was leaning against the redheads abdomen, just beneath her breasts.
-She arched a brow down at the other witch as Hermione tilted her head back, giving her a surprised look.

Surprised she can still see over Susan bust.

-Boys mature a little slower than girls do.

That is a understatement.

-For all that Hogwearts was a school, tasked with the education and instruction of the students, she was still, a castle. A fortress whose purpose it was to defend and protect those placed in her charge. To that end, Hogwarts was more heavily protected than most people know or suspected. Passive defenses, active defenses, secret passages and escape routes as well as sentries and guardians both hidden well and in plain sight.

Meaning that it was converted into a school. Explains the chamber of secrets. As all the plumbing was put in place after.

-As one they climbed out of their beds and moved to sit on the edge of Harry's, Hermione on his right with Dap9hne and Susan on his left.

Chapter 37. Typo. There are several other typos and grammar problems throughout the various chapters but this one is most annoying. (Maybe get a editor to look at the final product?)

-Without a word spoken between them, Danyella Greengrass laid down beside her eldest daughter and wrapped one arm around the girl, holding her tightly as she trembled in the face of an uncertain future.

Is Daphne not close with Astoria?
Also we see nice fluff scenes with Hermione, Harry, Susan but not Daphne?
Like not interactions with her sister?

-That bitch that he married and the waste of sperm that he spawned never knew he had monitoring charms on nearly every room in the Manor, each one tied to a separate dicta-quil.

Can Lord Greengrass still access them though? Or as he was kicked out of house no longer can access them?
10/20/2022 c32 Shirabe
Ch 33
I'm not strong enough. I passed out around the Dementor on the train," Harry pointed out, bitterly. "No one else reacted so badly to them."

Wonder what Daphne, Susan and Hermione reaction to the dementor would be? And what would they see?
10/20/2022 c21 Shirabe
Salazar Slytherin had built a hidden chamber, somewhere within the castle, and even after his famous break from the other founders, it had never been located. The conversations whipping around the castle after that then included conjecture and guesses as to what the 'horror' that Slytherin could have left behind in the Chamber might be.

As the statue of secrecy was signed in 1683 and Hogwarts was built in 993 the "heir of Slytherin" and killing of "mudbloods" makes no sense. As back then such a distinction between muggles and magicians didn't exist.
As a result, what was the basilisk original purpose for?

Ch 23 - Polyjuice potion," she said, laying a piece of parchment on the table near their seats as the rest of them gave her a blank look.
Isn't Daphne meant to be good at potions though? So she would know what it is?
Also they have Tracey and Blaise so they could rely info?

Also with the snake, in original book, Harry could of just talked to it to not attack him? As he has a bit of voldi soul in him so it would listen to him too, in theory.
10/20/2022 c22 Shirabe
Currently up to ch 22 and can't help but think that Daphne seems to get less "screen time" than the other 2. Less solving of situations, less of what is going on in her life, etc.
Even in regular dialogue there is less mention of her.

Otherwise I enjoy the fanfic.
10/15/2022 c28 jimmy.oz
The only thing i might be disappointed in is the fact they are doing all this training with spells but couldn't stop them self's from being knocked out by Luna lol.
10/14/2022 c20 jimmy.oz
You would think that the wards telling him that there is a dark object it would allow him to go through the students belongings or even just him letting the aurors know about it. Also just thought about it but if the four of them decided to become Animagus wonder what it would be.
10/14/2022 c15 jimmy.oz
Too be honest i don't see the problem with killing the death eaters especially after everything they did. hell if Dumbledore and everyone had done there job right Voldemort wouldn't have had any followers to bring him back so he would have been stuck as a spirit or whatever he was without a body.
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