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10/1/2022 c8 13Iron M. Writer
Well haven't read too far in but I'm glad the sociopath thing is being squashed quickly. Does he have some form of mental illness? Most definitely. but he's simply showing too many signs that he's not a sociopath.
10/1/2022 c53 3HP.HG. fan forever
Every bit worth the wait. I'm older and I don't always remember a story if has been idle for some time and had to go back and reread the whole thing. Not complaining, some stories are wort it. Some I re-read anyway. Back to the point. You are a very good writer and I enjoy the dialog you convey and the points you try to make.
I mention the following not to complain or nit-pick, but I have noticed several minor spelling mistakes. I just wanted to mention that they are there if you hadn't noticed but not enough for a re-write.
10/1/2022 c36 3Scabbers1957
Quick question:: if they picked up "Snuffles " why did they see "Wormtails" name as well ? They noted Snuffles by the Griffindore portal, they should have also seen Wormtail as well.

10/1/2022 c12 zenbone7
the only thing I disagree with is Harry apologizing to the hufflepuffs. 1. competition is not a space for taking it easy, if the rules weren't broken you need to adapt or quit.
2. it's framed as this being the bigger person moment. but apologizing to the mediocre for their mediocrity isn't helping them.
3. if a single player could disrupt your entire game plan you weren't prepared to compete
9/30/2022 c31 19orthankg1
#TheWestWingistheBest #Leoforthewin

Love that scene, and love your wizarding twist.
9/30/2022 c30 3Scabbers1957
I love this story so far, the only thing that does detract from enjoying it, is the spelling mistakes. I would suggest getting a Beta to proof read it before publishing the chapter
Anyway, on with the story.
9/28/2022 c53 Guest
One of the most well written and in depth stories on the site, please start a patreon so we can help fund your story writing to be full time.
9/29/2022 c53 ORKCHILD
Glad to see you back. Looking forward to more of this story. Good job keep it up.
9/28/2022 c53 2DucklynStark
I love this story, and was stoked that you updated. Like I tell all of my favorite authors who take time away from writing for one reason or nother, take as much time as you need, we'll be waiting for you. Take care of your self :)
9/25/2022 c53 gumselund
9/23/2022 c53 nkh1
took 3 days but I read all the chapters. Story is such a great read. Thanks for sharing it with us
9/22/2022 c53 5VA23
Great chapter, and great reasons for Harry to not only compete, but crush it.
9/22/2022 c53 psyshot0385
totally understand life getting in the way of completing projects. glad to see the update and hope that your life will get less hectic and allow for other passions in the future. ... cheers
9/22/2022 c53 1LuckyMadHatter
YOURE BACK! THE STORY IS BACK! THE HYDRA RISES! I was just starting to look for others but i'm so so so fucking happy to see you and this story pop up. Thank you for not killing this story, And i'm glad youre not dead. I really missed your story and how it made me enjoy some things again in this shitty time. Thank you and i can't wait to see more.
9/22/2022 c53 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Great to read another chapter of this story. Good work on the planning for training and including the other champions as well. Thanks for sharing!
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