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for Mass Effect: Plan for the Galaxy

9/20 c11 grx1318
Ok, I won't deny that it was heavy. However, I do have a few questions, which I assume it will be touched in the future. Did that entire backstory happen canonically to the ME version of Brock? Because we know why his body is ok, because of what happened in the first chapter. But what's his ME universe explanation for why he is not strapped down to a hospital bed.
9/8 c16 Goldrune09
A pet velociraptor oh my! That would be a hilarious omake! lol
9/8 c11 Goldrune09
Wow, you weren't kidding about how dark this got.
9/8 c36 11Vendicor
I have to admit, this was nice. Good to the see Administrator get socked and then shocked. Simple chapter with everyone dealing with the political crap going on with Noveria and now we’ll soon see how things go at Peak 15. Have to admit, I’m very interested to see how things go there with the new guy taking most of the reins. Great work, keep it up. Can’t wait for more.
9/5 c3 Korst
And... trolls are anyone who give reviews you dislike? yeah, I know those authors. Been burned by that before, so don't expect any real criticism, just an echo chamber of people patting your back and licking your bum mate.
Anyway, interesting enough so far. Not sure i care for the first two chapters. Actually, i don't. Not at all. The very first chapter is a complete and utter waste of space and doesn't add anything to the story, in fact it takes away more than it gives. But other than that this third chapter here seems at least kind of interesting. If nothing else you're not mixing up genders and inflicting poor grammar upon the reader is all I can really say in regards to the good however.
9/3 c36 Guest
Harper once again proving he's delusional as ever, guess this means Cerberus will become ME3 psychotic even quicker now since they'll only appeal to the Kai Lengs of the human race now

Hopefully Brock has counter-measures in place
9/4 c36 men.shtain
an enjoyable read. Also nice choice in the end chapter movie reviews. (loved that film.)
May I suggest another film/s for next? DUNE. pls?
9/2 c36 Syed Hammad
Loved the way the story is progressing, looking forward to the next chapters… Keep up the good work!
9/1 c36 3doraemax
hahaha...the Krogan review is always a hoot. I do wonder what other films you are going to show? anything more recent irl? pity Serenity cannot be shown without first watching thrme Firely series. huhu. Hmm...have Brock hit them with Zombies, yet? Can start with Dawn of the Dead... then hit them with Train to Busan, maybe? hehe.
ooo... what would they think on the Superhero franchise?
8/30 c36 Guest
Happy to see how it all played out with Anoleis and looking forward to the shenanigans that'll happen at the peak! Enjoyed seeing how what Brock is doing is affecting humanity's standing and that things are about to get a lot more interesting and as always, I love those movie reviews!
9/1 c35 doraemax
woohoo... a smackdown on gunnery williams. hopefully, this will make her faster cast off her bitchiness.

and garrus. i love how here he thinks himself as detective first, and freely indulged in his natural curiosity as detectives. makes him more likeable.
9/1 c34 doraemax
I see dead Batarian...and the next chapter
8/31 c36 A Random Friend
Again another brilliant chapter, I love it.
8/31 c36 shypunk
heh krogans thanks for the chapter and for writing
8/30 c36 1AscendedHumanity
I would love more movie reviews as well, otherwise still great
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