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for Yona- Cornered Kitten or Hunting Lioness?

6/15/2019 c15 godess bubbles
that was a beautiful ending!
7/17/2018 c14 1Worldwide Author
OMG YOU DID IT, YOU REALLY DID IT THIS TIME AS WELL! This was one of the most beautiful and adorable xhapters you've ever written... XD T.T I'm filled with so many different emotions right now that I can't describe it well! I'm glad to read that everyone took their way and did what they wanted now that they're free... And when I read that Yona was PREGNANT I was like OMG It's really happening! My ship has two beautiful and healthy children and everyone is together again... Soo-won will definitely make Yona's son be the best king that ever existed and his parwnrs will be proud of him... Oh man, every single time I read something you write, I feel like I'm going to cry at a corner, then fangirl and then have a heart attack from that cuteness that I am not able to bear! Do you seriously want to make me feel this way? *just kidding* You're amazing, admirable, pretty, talented and sooo many things that I can't tell at the moment... T.T Thank yiu for this magnificent story and be sure that I'll rwad your next ones as well dear author! You're one of the best and I hope you keep up your great work! See you in another story of yours...
7/16/2018 c13 Worldwide Author
Why do you always have to play with my feelings? Why do you always have to make me cry from sadness and happiness at the same time? You really have the imagination I waited for and every time you don't make me feel any better... Who would have thought that Hak kept all these things from their childhood... And Yona's mother's ring hid a nice story behind it! So King II knew what was about to happen, he's amazing! Oh that dream was everything. Believe me, I liked it a lot and now all the four dragons can be free and live as humans... But Zeno didn't make it! I WAS REALLY MOVED AND CRIED LIKE A BABY WHEN HE PASSED AWAY T.T Yona and eveyone will remember everything about him, that's for sure... You have that talent that always make me cry at a corner! Do you know that I had lots of tissues beside me? Well done for this chapter and please continue surprising me in every way you can... XD Thank you for this pleasing and wonderful chapter and update the next one soon!
7/12/2018 c12 godess bubbles
Wedding was beautiful!
7/11/2018 c12 Worldwide Author
IT WAS THE ONE OF THE BEST CHAPTERS OF THIS AMAZING STORY! You wrote it so beautifully and I enjoyed it a lot... As I read this chapter, I imagined the whole wedding and the words Hak and Yona said to one another were extremely cute and lovable! I'm happy to hear that you're going to continue this wonderful story and I'm excited and curious to see what will happen in the following chapters... Thank you for this extravaganza chapter and I'll be waiting for the next one with great enthusiasm! KEEP UP YOUR ONE OF THE NICEST WORKS AND I ADMIRE YOU A LOT...!
7/5/2018 c11 Worldwide Author
Oh God I can't beat that much cuteness... Mundok can live now with happiness so as everyone else! The metting that Soo-won and Hak had went better than I'd imagined but didn't expect Yona to go there... But thank to that, she made peace with Soo-won although she didn't forgive him for that murder. And the words she said to him were amazing, they finally won't have a war between them... Aaawww I can't wait to see the wedding! It will be the best wedding and I can't wait much longer... Thank you for the update and I'll wait for your next great chapter!
7/5/2018 c11 Worldwide Author
Oh God I can't afford that much cuteness... Mundok can live in happiness now so as everyone else! The meeting that Hak and Soo-won had went better than I expected but I didn't expect to see Yona coming there... And the words she said to Soo-won were amazing! She didn't forgive him for that murder but there isn't any war between them anymore... Aaawww I can't wait to see the wedding, it will be the best wedding! Thank you for the night and I can't wait for the next chapter...
7/3/2018 c10 Worldwide Author
So finally they reached the wind tribe. I liked how Mundok was sentimental and I'm curious to see the encounter of Hak and Soo-won... I'm excited for the wedding and thank yiu for the great update! For once more, you make me wait the next update with excitement! Keep up your nice work...
7/1/2018 c9 godess bubbles
aww They're getting married!
6/30/2018 c9 Worldwide Author
The whole story was magnificent! I read it in a blink of an eye and I LOVED it... I ship Hak and Yona so hard that this story was exactly what I wanted to read for those two! You wrote the chapters with details and I liked your imagination! When I read that they confessed to each other and then they would get married, I was squeezing and couldn't stop fangirling! The feelings I had while reading it are irreplaceable and thank you for this amazing story... I want to ask you to continue writing such stories and even this story! Please update more... Again thank you for all these wonderful chapters and I'll wait for your next updates with excitement!
6/29/2018 c8 Guest
All of the chapters have been beautiful so far! I would love to read more, if you care to write it! I ship Hak and Yona so hard! They make a cute couple! Best of luck in your future writing endeavours!
6/29/2018 c8 godess bubbles
I really can't wait to see the dragon's reactions to everything, the Wind tribes reaction, and the wedding which I am hoping you will show! I love them together!Update soon!
6/22/2018 c1 Guest
Great chapter! Can't wait to read more!
6/21/2018 c8 LaleRaiju
Keep up the good work
6/16/2018 c1 22fanofthisfiction
The focus on Hak's point of view was a nice way to show not only his interest in Yona but also highlight the inner conflict that constantly wars inside his own mind as to whether to follow his heart or act on behalf of his duty. Thanks for sharing!
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