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5/20/2020 c3 Guest
What will happen to Charlie and will the A-squad get more members
5/18/2020 c3 Guest
Will the harem be Charlie,kat and will his mother be kushina uzumaki with orange hair
6/24/2018 c8 1stHorseman
Please update this story
7/29/2017 c8 2WolkaiserDrake
this was pretty good a read
7/16/2017 c8 Ichigo Muramasa
Great chapter loved what you did with Ichigos back story I did not see that coming. I'm sorry about your family life I hope your situation is able to improve. Have a nice day.
7/16/2017 c8 3D.Bladikus
Did nor expect the Vasro Lorde twist. Love it though. Hollow Ichigo, favorite Ichigo. Sorry about your parents hopefully you will remain with speaking terms with both. A lot of times one or the other is lost. Go at your pace and if writing is some sort of stress reliever might I suggest just going wild. As in make a new doc and just write about anything that comes to your mind. it doesn't need to be about the story or anything related to it just something that has your interest enough to take your mind off things for a little while. Farewell, till we speak again or at least the next update.
6/24/2017 c7 Ichigo Muramasa
Great chapter I enjoy this version of Ichigo. I have faith in you and this story. All the characters are great. i haven't made any major moves in my life always living in the North East so I prefer the cold weather over warm weather honestly. The harem will be great and I cant wait to see a megazord fight. Also is the mom gonna be Mavis Vermillion from Fairy Tail. Have a nice day.
6/13/2017 c6 Guest
its getting good BUT i wish you didnt turn this into harem, i like ichigo with kat better just together. sigh
6/8/2017 c6 4ThunderReborn
Is it Sydney Drew? As for thr Bleach Yugioh Crossover, sure. It nust depends on hownyou want to take it. Such as duel monster era, gx, 5ds, zexal or the madness known as arc5
6/8/2017 c6 Ichigo Muramasa
Great chapter I like how more of a cohesive unit this team is compared to the SPD squad was on the show. Also is the little girl Sydney the shows pink ranger
6/8/2017 c6 6Why Am I Laughing So Hard
Hey just wanted to say that I love your story I hope to see more excellent chapters soon!
6/8/2017 c6 3D.Bladikus
Nice chapter overall, I enjoyed the monster. It fit's well with the Power Ranger universe. I like the use of classes to teach the Power Ranger the history and background of S.P.D. and things related to it,. My guess for the blond girl would be Sydney Drew. Now, a Bleach/Yu gi oh crossover? Hell ya man! I've been wanting to make a Bleach Yu gi oh for a while but I never had ability to plan put the actual dual's. I can make decks, that I can do but the actual duel's? It's lile learning Calculus again, jesus 0_0. Yet, if you can then you weild an incredible talent XD
6/3/2017 c3 The Helper
Here are some things that may be useful:
You could've written a paragraph about the awkward silence between Ichigo and Charlie, instead of just writing "..." as they stared at each other.
Error: reenter. Correction: re-enter.
Something I've noticed, sometimes you seem to not put any space after a comma, and there seem to be a few other errors whenever you use quotation marks, but I feel like you show look over your chapter, looking for errors and solving them yourself, solving mistakes can be very helpful.
It's some advice, I'm not an expert, but I hope it helps in the future.
6/3/2017 c5 D.Bladikus
I'm might be sending this twice as I think firsr did noy get go through. First off, CALLED IT, hehe. Ichigo being Blue Ranger fit very well plus it sort of match his power's blue color as well, Yah. The fight was good and I enjoyed the banter betwren the three. They were quite in character and personalised, hehe. Loved the "Carrot Smasher" comment followed by a middle finger counter attack. Priceless. XD. Though the part I am osst interested is what Ichigo's responce will be towards Charlie's declaration. Also, I can tell your writing has improved their has been less and less mistakes with every chapter. Though their are still many the lessening of them shows your improving . You'll be sprwing around 5k chapters with little to no mistakes in no time! :D
6/3/2017 c5 Ichigo Muramasa
I love this chapter with Ichigo being the mentor slash rival Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo was to him it can lead to so mant great opportunities keep up the good work and have a nice day.
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