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for 16 Crazy Years

2/2/2019 c6 Guest
Not liking the instant forgiveness tbh, theres no way somone can go through so much and be so calm and friendly
10/3/2018 c8 9allman08
Its a shame you gave up on this. It was really nice!
1/7/2018 c7 FANGLE
Can you add more Markapoo sorry for asking it just helps me a bit when I'm depressed
1/5/2018 c8 FANGLE
C'mon continue it's always these that are good but are short
8/1/2017 c8 itsyaboi
i enjoyed the chapter, the way it starts to describe where Marco got his dragoncycle and how it also helps extend the two's relationship. good work dude-bro
6/22/2017 c8 Mathew5641
I love your story it's very entertaining and very well thought out I really enjoyed the side stories they fill in gaps as well build on key moments with the characters

Keep up the good work I can't wait to see what you do next

May we meet in the halls of Valhalla
6/20/2017 c6 Phantom Frost
Even if her reasons were justified i feel like marco still let her off way to easy and got over his anger too quickly as well i mean its human nature to hold a grudge even if they dont want to be angry i mean he was a gladiator slave for gods sake thats worse then just a regular one and he just shrugged it off plus it was a betrayal again even if justified that would leave a lingering darkness in someone that cant be just shrugged off after so many years
6/15/2017 c8 gearsky
Another great chapter! Looking forward to more.

And just FYI, Deva Vu is by Dave Rodgers. Initial D is just the anime it was used in, and the source of the associated memes.
6/13/2017 c8 Tonyfalcon
I feel your pain bro...we all got things happening in our life that we just can't control, and interesting things don't stay interesting forever, but you my friend somehow see pass that and make the most shortest of things interesting. Keep up the good work :)
6/10/2017 c8 The Book of Eli
Well looks like the exploding plains is going to be a lot of fun for Marco and his soon to be companion Nachos...
6/8/2017 c8 beasty12321
Sorry to hear about that dude, but its kinda human nature, maybe not as extreme as your case but it's normal to like certain things for a while then just lose interest in them. But besides that I thought the chapter had somethings going for it like how marco got Nachos and giving the exploding plains an area, like giving if definition, if that makes sense.
6/7/2017 c1 4PatatoLife
Fixed the chapter order for anyone who was trying to read past chapter 3.
6/6/2017 c1 lachatnoire
Great story so far! Unfortunately I can't continue after chapter 3 seeing as chapter 4 seems to be chapter 6... I'm on the fanfiction app, so maybe that's the issue? If not, please fix! This is great for a first time fanfic and I'm dying to read more!
6/5/2017 c7 Tonyfalcon
So far this fiction has been my favorite and I hope in the future this story gets better and more "juicy" in upcoming chapters. ;)
6/4/2017 c7 The Book of Eli
And the teasing begins as Marco sets out to warm Hekapoo up to him more. Still got to say I like the call backs to the episode Running with Scissors. Plus I'm pretty sure Hekapoo misses messing with Marco...
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