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for Some Bonds Will Never Break

3/23 c5 2pajamalover1000
My God! That poor man! He was already busted up enough! Seeing him go out in such bad shape is even worse! I’m sore just thinking about it!
3/12 c4 pajamalover1000
Oh my God! Rico Dredd?! Controlling his mind?! How the Hell do you explain THAT to the hall of justice?
3/10 c3 pajamalover1000
Holy Crap! He’s being mind controlled? This is some crazy stuff! What better time to be psychic?! I am on the edge of my seat with this!
3/7 c2 pajamalover1000
Whooo! What an action packed chapter! Poor Grazinski though. Nasty rioters. Breaks my heart. Also a total bummer about Dredd’s arm. He’s probably more pissed about not being on the job than having his arm broke. I am seeing this fanfic going great places!
3/6 c1 pajamalover1000
Whooooo! A riot! That’s something new I haven’t seen in a Dredd fanfic yet. Very bold! Also steamy start. Clever keeping Dredd’s face concealed in shadow! Keep up the good work!
5/31/2019 c1 Guest
Needs a sequel or something. Want to know what happens next with dredd and Anderson.
12/20/2017 c9 11MsMarilynAdams
I absolutely loved this story. I've been looking for Dredd stories since I first saw it this year but so far yours and one other have been the best ones I've found. While some part of me wanted them to have some kind of fluff at the end, the end you wrote was probably the most realistic one.
6/27/2017 c6 Guest
Good action sequences. I like how Anderson is seeing more of Dredd's personality even some of the disturbing parts.

Sad to see the prejudice and fear directed against Anderson by the other judges but can't really blame in part. It would bother lots of people to have someone who can read your mind and root out deep dark secrets or embarassing moments of your life and might have them reported to the council or spread around their version of the water cooler.


6/27/2017 c5 Guest
Good to know Judge Hershey is there as Dredd's and Anderson's friend. Glad there's no romantic past between Hershey and Dredd. Brother vs brother? Looking forward to the showdown.

I'm betting on Joe.


6/21/2017 c9 8hurtmushroom
Nice ending! I'm looking forward to more Dredd stories. let's all hope they manage to convince Urban (even though I'm still not thrilled about the no-hemet-off thingy!).
6/21/2017 c8 hurtmushroom
Awesome showdown! And now let's get them both out of there
6/16/2017 c9 54DevinBourdain
And a nice bow to finish it off. Kudos.
That second to last paragraph has a nice visual ;)
6/16/2017 c8 DevinBourdain
Lot's of action, sibling smack down, emotions. I'll have another please.
6/13/2017 c7 DevinBourdain
Oooh now we're heading into the moment we've been waiting for: the brother's showdown.
I think we're looking at this all wrong though, cause two people that look like Urban, that can't be all that bad right?
6/13/2017 c7 mother77
fantastic story so far! keep up the good work

ps. Dredd better get some Anderson for real ;)
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