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10/10/2017 c4 7jh831
story looks good.
though i think naruto should be a bit more serious. time changes people.
yes i can see him as a bit of his old self, but only in private.
would like to see longer chapters.
other than that, not much to say.
looking forward to the next chapter
9/22/2017 c4 mattcun
i cant wait to see the next chapter
9/12/2017 c4 Tsuchikami
Np... Nice chap... n.n
9/12/2017 c4 sinester
Percy at the time was 14 so was Annabeth Grover was in his 20s during the book I think Thalia was 22 but was tecneclly 15 physically
9/11/2017 c4 Stratos263
GOOd luck naruto
9/11/2017 c4 Guest
Oh my god your one of those writers, you don't have to say your dislikes is rapist because everyone with common sense would not like rape, it gets annoying. And is pretty redundant because most writers do that
9/11/2017 c4 Guest
What about Thalia
9/11/2017 c4 bladetri
like XD
5/30/2017 c3 Fjbal17x
do a harem, and do lemons
5/28/2017 c2 KakeruPB
Grammar could use some work it felt kind of cringe reading it.
5/28/2017 c2 FangTheWolf22
Amazing story I can't wait for the next chapter. I love how you said the self proclaimed ramen god that gave me a good laugh
5/27/2017 c2 3WhoAskedYou
Please don't put Aphrodite as pairing
5/27/2017 c1 WhoAskedYou
Please no harem. That crap had been done more times than I am comfortable with.
5/27/2017 c2 Owen Prior
Please, no harem, they've been done more times than Aphrodite at a bachelor's party
5/27/2017 c2 Tsuchikami
Nice chapter... n.n
And it would be better if you can write more... like 2.5k or 3k... :3
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