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for Overwatch X RWBY: Team GHLF

7/26 c157 Hellhound64
I have to say this is a very crossover story with overwatch and RWBY. Though with tracer being the winter Maidan I’m worried for what is to come for her and Ruby. Still very enjoyable story that I look forward to reading the next chapter.
7/16 c18 BlazeStryker
If it turns out the SDC had even a tiny bit to do with Hana's situation then there will be Hell to pay.
7/16 c8 BlazeStryker
Is the team name pronounced "Golf" or "Glyph"?
7/9 c157 57Sai Kunai Blade
I like the twists you've added here. Satya and Lena as the Winter Maiden changed things up a lot. And Satya being as powerful as she is makes for another interesting side note and I like that you are showing Cinder actually having the ability to care about someone. This was excellent as always, my friend. Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/9 c157 19All Hail Lord Megatron
Oh boy...
6/30 c156 57Sai Kunai Blade
It's good to see Genji's recovering and even better to see that he's putting Ren in his place. Sure, when he explained his anger, it made sense, but up until that point he was being a massive jerk, so it's good to see him corrected.

I also liked Yang and Genji's discussion about Fareeha. I just hope she sees how far the general has gone and breaks out with the others to stop him, maybe even before that. I just want the group back together.

Either way, excellent work as always, my friend. Can't wait for the next one.
6/27 c156 44Wacko12
Not to sound rude, but the plot line is basically the same
6/27 c156 19All Hail Lord Megatron
Oach...but still very good.
6/14 c1 Gentlemen Rance-T.M
6/11 c155 10Katana of the Blade
Impressive, but I don't think Harriet would have done NEARLY as well in a 1-v-1 with Penny after taking damage from Lena's attacks. I definitely don't think she'd have been able to grab the sword, but I understand the need for plot purposes. Still, epic fight and a good amount of drama.
6/11 c155 19All Hail Lord Megatron
5/30 c154 57Sai Kunai Blade
Excellent chapter as always. I like how Jack has become something of a rogue element. I really hope that Fareeha will be able to forgive Yang eventually. I was also hoping Genji would do a bit more against the hound, but it's understandable why he didn't. Great work as always. Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/30 c154 19All Hail Lord Megatron
Sad and intense.
5/20 c153 Dyna-Man 21
Hey is Adam gonna come back at some point in the story, and if so could he have a fight with Ruby? Maybe have Adam attack Schnee Manor instead of the Winged Beowolf and instead of crushing him with a statue just knock him out. Just suggestion not a demand I can't tress that enough.
5/17 c153 21Kamiro G.S
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