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11/1/2019 c127 20All Hail Lord Megatron
1: I'm proud of Genji, good work.

2; Satya, Shame on you should should accept the one you love for who she is, evil plans or not...then again it would save everyone lives so...COOK HER ALIVE!

3: Were galric sun...wear Garlic! That or just sacrifice Murcury, I'm sure he would be good bait for the vempire girl...or my other option Lock change around her and locke her up in a pitch black doungun for countless months till you find a cure.

4: Oh Ruby, you poor birthday crazy girl, if you were calmer and less abusing with the power of your birthday you would not be in trash right now...but hey at least you being fed by your love.
10/26/2019 c126 58Sai Kunai Blade
Cute and funny as always. Felt a little shorter than normal, but still very good. Can't wait for the next one, my friend.

Movie Night: I would've liked to see the movie Yang and Fareeha watched. And I'm surprised Lena's movie didn't have Ruby in it as well.

Sleeping Kitty 2: Oh, Genji. You really need to come up with an escape plan for when Blake does these kinds of thing.

Wore It The Best: Assuming Hana also has a successful gaming/streaming channel on Remnant, Roman would be in a lot of trouble if too many people heard him call her that. Also I bet Neo in Hana's outfit would be cute.

Kissing Competition: That was totally cute. But Ruby was a fool to challenge the determined (and perverted) Lena to such a contest.
10/26/2019 c126 20All Hail Lord Megatron
1: Well, at least Yang got what she wanted watch.

2: Well of Blake Can mate with Genji in her sleep...then he really can't defend himself from Blakes mating awake or asleep.

3: Oh romen...you only like the look of yourself.

4: oh ruby I'm sure you will win against lena in something against lena...just not a kissing one ..or another contest I can think of but I won't say it here.
10/18/2019 c27 YohanFushi
Oh! And so many fucking spelling errors you are done with this story so my don’t you revise this shit
10/18/2019 c27 YohanFushi
Honestly I hate this.
I expected something nice and fun to read but no it’s the same fucking boring ass RWBY plot every fanfic has. Like seriously how would these people not change the plot but no it just goes along with the plot besides tiny differences I didn’t come to read a fucking RWBY fanfic I came to read a overwatch fanfic and this is not one
10/18/2019 c125 58Sai Kunai Blade
Cute as always and pretty funny. Too bad there was only one unique skit this time. Still good, though.

Cool Uncle: Wait, what was McCree doing there? That might have made things even worse for Tai.

Shower Faunus: Ooh, Hana's getting pretty close to Sun if they're actually showering together now. Better hope Genji doesn't find out. And Mercury got what he deserved.

Sleeping Kitty: Poor Genji. He needs to learn the substitution technique or something. Maybe just swap with a pillow when Blake tries to snuggle him.

Cool Dad: Aww, how sweet. And poor Qrow. Even when he wins, he loses.
10/18/2019 c125 20All Hail Lord Megatron
1: Yeah...good advice Mccree.

2: well, I'm sure the shower time will be nice for them, I'm sure of it.

3; well, I'm sure Genji cam hold it...since he will need to or Blake would Kill him...or worse.

4: Hahaha hahaha Well first that was a nice father and daughters time...and as for Qrow...he better pay up or he will pay...WITH BROKEN BONES! HAHAHA!
10/13/2019 c19 GemDrawer
So far I have to say great story so far. I like the challenges and twists you made in order to incorporate the overwatch characters into the RWBY lore. I have to say, great job. My only confusion would probably be how fast the characters begin to date one another. I know this is early on in what has already been written and it may be answered later but from what I read so far appear like it would be a slower build up. It's probably just mainly my preference when it comes to stories like these so take that with a grain of salt really. But again, good job so far.
10/12/2019 c124 58Sai Kunai Blade
Adorable and funny as always.

Coming Home: Man, McCree is a savage. Poor Qrow. He needs better friends.

Bellabooty 2: Oh, Lena. She just can't help but get herself in trouble.

Read The Signs: Satya was right on the money with that one. I also liked Fareeha's sign.

Hana's Heart: Man, Hana may be more savage than McCree.
10/12/2019 c124 1Adawnicus
Hana is definitely a gem
If only I could be in there or summon an Indoraptor to attack Mercury every time he's near her.
10/12/2019 c124 20All Hail Lord Megatron
1: Well...I hAve seen Qrow survive worse but hey at least ruby suffered no scratches.

2: Oh Lena...you will never learn I wounder will ruby be mad when she finds out you bine touching other girls butts.

3; I agree...weiss is bad for pool.

4: My votes on murcury, metal legs hurt more.
10/7/2019 c123 2Alternet RedSkys
Ah perfect the moment they saw eachother naked and the intensifying of Genji's love.
10/4/2019 c123 58Sai Kunai Blade
Short but sweet. Pretty funny as well. Excellent work, my friend.
10/4/2019 c123 20All Hail Lord Megatron
Oh, this is so nice I love it! Good job.
10/4/2019 c123 Guest
So Sigma in his Talon skin when? You could do something where he has a split personality, with a violent and insane half that contrasts with a more passive and humble side.
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