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5/16 c153 58Sai Kunai Blade
It's surprising to see this so soon, but it was still an amazing chapter. The tension was fierce and it's nice to see some kind of actual real divide between the characters, have them actually mad at each other for something. But man, I feel really bad for Genji, second-guessing himself this much and now even believing he's not fit to be leader. I hope someone talks to him soon.
5/16 c153 1Starpottergeek
good job keep up the good work
5/16 c153 2makerboy10
I was expecting yang and Blake not to be trusted anymore by everyone
5/16 c153 4Katana of the Blade
Great chapter. It shows very well how everyone is reeling from the sudden decision of the last volume and how they effected each other. Also, nice to see Cinder actually care about someone. Very good chapter.
5/16 c153 20All Hail Lord Megatron
Tense...and wow...
5/8 c152 58Sai Kunai Blade
This is so sweet. Which just makes it so sad that it seems to be pretty much over at this point. I can only hope they manage to reconcile. Very good chapter, my friend. Really can't wait for the next volume now. I need to see how this plays out.
5/8 c152 20All Hail Lord Megatron
Hmmmm intresting.
4/20 c88 cassnova5424
Sunny bat is good, weiss cream is hilarious.

justice fire - Burning Justice, Raining Fire

Chronal rose: Rose Time, Rosey Time, Rose Clock

Qrow Mcree (tehe): (its) Drunk Noon, Bird Shot
4/20 c87 cassnova5424
all i wanna know is...how tf did they save his third leg?
4/20 c48 cassnova5424
4/20 c41 cassnova5424
i am violently angry :[
4/20 c36 cassnova5424
what i think? Im about to shove mercury's legs up his ass and shoot the guns on em
4/18 c151 Guest
Cool series.
4/16 c74 Guest
Hana: Curse you Jaune the human boy!
4/7 c151 58Sai Kunai Blade
Cute sketches as always.

1: Wow, I didn't know Hana was so devious.

2: You know, for giving her a sniper rifle, they really haven't given Ruby many moments to use her sniping skills. And when they did, she usually missed.

3: I guess Satya's got Cinder hot under the collar.

4: Classic fight over food, only for both to lose the food. Very nice.
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