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4/4 c6 2BartonBelladonna
hey man. just started reading your fanfic here. and i skipped to the end to see how far you were in this, and...MY GOD, the dedication to this fanfic. i mean, seriously?! a full fledged Fanfiction leading to the end of Volume 7 of RWBY, including Chibi?! i wish EVERYONE was just like you with the dedication to this fanfic!
4/4 c151 5MajorBrony95
Not bad. I'm guessing the dumpling battle was based on the fight in Kung Fu Panda.

Can't wait to see Volume 8 and how everyone deals with the changes, especially the non-canon ones like Lena becoming the Winter Maiden and Fareeha leaving the group... hopefully with the former, it does NOT end up like in canon .
4/4 c151 20All Hail Lord Megatron
1: Shame on them! Framining a criminal who did nothing wrong...today.

2: Run...run very fast.

3; oh cinder your lovable in Chibi..but hateable in canon.

4: it was great! Not bad not bad at all!
3/28 c146 4Colvamoon999
Considering everything that has happened in Vol 8 (including finale), I'm REALLY curious how you'll adapt the next Volume!
3/26 c150 58Sai Kunai Blade
Funny and very sweet. One of my favorites for sure.

1: With how often it seems like Fareeha pushes away Yang's affection, unless she's trying to exploit Yang as a heater, it's nice to have a moment where she's defensive of her.

2: The back and forth was very funny and it's nice to see another one of the girls coming to Hana's rescue. Especially Weiss, as it reminds me of their romance that could have been.

3: The extra bit with Lena was very funny... Although I doubt she'd agree.

4: Funny topic and I love the Kill La Kill reference.
3/25 c150 20All Hail Lord Megatron
1; Word of advice Naptune...dont say you date someone who already has a Lover.

2:...they will fight for a wile.

3: Yeah..neo And Romen are dead.

3: Akame ga kill...cool.
3/11 c149 58Sai Kunai Blade
She-Tectives: Very nice. The addition of Hana was sweet and it was nice to have the tables turned on Sun as well.

Cat and Dog: Wow, Genji somehow manages to find the perfect balance between reasonable and demanding, as well as how to settle a situation relatively easily.

A Proper Lady: Short but sweet and pretty cute.

Team Exercise: Poor Fareeha and Lena. Genji can come up with some crazy challenges when he wants to.
3/11 c149 20All Hail Lord Megatron
1: Nice.

2: Blake should get over her fear of dogs.

3: wink wink nice what Rubyndid.

4: Genji is blasting off team rocket style.
2/23 c148 58Sai Kunai Blade
Short, but sweet. And funny. Nice job.
2/23 c148 20All Hail Lord Megatron
1: Good.

2: Great.

3: Karma!

2/8 c1 2KuletXCore
Why is it Good Have Luck Fun?
Am I missing something?

lmao jk
It's still going! GLHF, I guess...
1/30 c147 58Sai Kunai Blade
Very nice. I really liked the Chibi sessions with Fareeha and Yang, also Lena and Ruby. Very cute and sweet. Looking forward to more.
1/30 c147 20All Hail Lord Megatron
1: Nice very nice...and never try to flirt with a girls girl.

2: Hahahahahaha! I dont feel bad for Genji!

3: Clever way to heat the water.

4: How nice.

Also yeah this dose make me feel better after the events of the last chapter.
1/30 c147 1Starpottergeek
good job keep up the good work
1/3 c146 5MajorBrony95
Man, what a way to end Volume 7. It certainly ended differently than I thought it would. I honestly hadn't expected Lena to become the new Winter Maiden. Eager to see how things change. Ironwood no doubts wants Penny back, but what's he gonna do about a Maiden he can't back or anything? Maybe have Penny kidnap Lena?

You do make a valid point about Freeha having BSOD moment after what happened and turning herself in. Poor Yang though. One has to wonder what'll happen.

Can't wait to see Volume 8.
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