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1/1 c146 58Sai Kunai Blade
Dang, this chapter was a roller coaster. It's super sad Fareeha's leaving the group and possibly Yang. But I can definitely understand her reasoning behind it. Too bad it's probably too late to fix things between her and Elm. Also, it's an interesting choice to give Lena the Maiden powers instead of Penny. I'm pretty curious to see how well Penny does without those in the future, although that will likely also save her from being a target of Ironwood, so that's nice. I also liked how Genji actually tried to reason with Cinder. And I'm really curious as to what happened to Jack.

A real crazy list of events happened here. But it was all great. Excellent work as always, my friend. Can't wait for the next one.
12/31/2020 c146 Kixtia
I like Penny, but your version is better. Penny broke all the canon becoming the winter maiden
12/31/2020 c146 17TheSavageMan100
Omigosh, Lena's the Winter Maiden instead of Penny?! MAJOR Plot Twist!
If I was writing a crossover between RWBY and another franchise, I'd make someone else a Winter Maiden as a way to prove they're more than side characters. Serah Farron, Princess Peach, Zelda, Lucina, so many likely candidates, I can't pick.
Anyway, what a fine way to conclude the GHLF version of Volume 7. I'm eager to await what happens next.
12/31/2020 c146 2makerboy10
Fareeha break up with yang?!
12/31/2020 c146 20All Hail Lord Megatron
12/31/2020 c146 1Starpottergeek
good job keep up the good work
12/25/2020 c145 5MajorBrony95
Man, this fic is overflowing with feels and sorrows. Fareeha is right. They all made mistakes in keeping the secrets they did. And now it's damaged her relationship with Elm and possibly with Yang.

Doomfist and Talon are now separate from Salem, but that doesn't make them any less evil. And Jack has lost a fairly good friend.

Hate to imagine what will happen next in this AU.
12/25/2020 c145 20Kamiro G.S
12/25/2020 c145 4JJJwhovian
Even tho I don’t exactly agree with Fareeha siding with team RWBY and simply calling the Ace-Ops mindless soldiers I’m glad she recognises they screwed up too. And I’m really happy Jack is blaming Qrow for what happened to Clover and I hope this doesn’t change because even tho he’ll recognise it was Tyrian who killed him and, unfortunately, he’ll be wanting Ironwoods head I doubt he’ll forgive him for helping the serial killer kill the person who was like a son to him so easily.
12/25/2020 c145 4Katana of the Blade
I'd kind of forgotten Hana was with Jaune's team at the moment. I was really hoping Jack might have been able to save Clover, but I guess not. It is a tragedy still. I wonder what will come of this. Who will he hate more, Qrow or Ironwood?
12/25/2020 c145 5Dungeon Wyrm
Could it be possible for Jack to make a speach like this?
Jack Morrison: "This is wrong! And we all know it! The General is making a mistake and he needs to be called on it! No civilian lives should have be sacrificed like this! We are loyal soldiers, but we are not a bunch of unthinking MACHINES! We are MEN! We must be trusted to make the right decisions! Especially when the orders we are given are WRONG!"

As you can probably guess, this is inspired by Fives from Clone Wars.

Ironwood: "Stay down. Final warning."
Jack: (panting) I can do this all day.

Watcha think?
12/25/2020 c145 2JupitersMoon167
Wow, what a great Christmas gift! My heart is now shattered :D
12/25/2020 c145 1Starpottergeek
good job keep up the good work
12/25/2020 c145 2makerboy10
Like how you had the overwatch characters broke them by talking to them for their choices
12/25/2020 c145 20All Hail Lord Megatron
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