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10/9/2017 c1 40Sorrow Reminisce
Wow, this was incredibly beautiful. Fantastic job. :)
9/28/2017 c1 1Izzaj
Not easy but thanks to this more beautiful brothers scene. Really good job. And now hoping for a lot brothers scenes in Ragnarok :)
6/6/2017 c1 43MacMhuirich
As I continued reading, I was actually waiting for Loki to confess he was in a way responsible for Frigga's death, albeit unknowingly at the time he send Kurse towards his mother, or, as we got your take on the event into your story, trusting Thor's help would save the day. I blame his pride as well as his fear for Thor's wrath that would be such that a total and irreparable rift would be inevitable.
I thought Frigga's death the saddest moment in the movie... I also thought Loki would reproach Thor (and indirectly Odin) for having left him out the funeral ceremony. Loved how you gave the 'so sorry' scene at Loki's orchestrated death a place in your tale; works really well. Really, another gem, this one shot, and I can't stress enough how much I appreciate and love your storytelling. As ever, it's a joy reading.
6/1/2017 c1 JPElles
Great story.
5/27/2017 c1 Guest
GAH-That was. . .That was beautiful. I love how you threw us those tiny details about their childhood in between all the gravity and tension of them as adults. I love how you had Loki being-well, Loki-even there at the end, willing to apologize, but only ever to an empty room. Only ever to an audience that exists in his mind. It's like "I know I was wrong, and I'll say I'm sorry" but there's that streak of one's own pride that prevents that final step from being taken. That final crumbling of all your walls that allows you to say those simple and yet UNBEARABLE words: "I'm sorry". Gotta be 2 of the HARDEST words to utter, imo.

This was brilliant, and I'm glad Sif decided to tell Thor ;)

Honestly, I'm in the same boat with you; I want November to BE HEAR ALREADY but at the same time I want SUMMER. Haha.

Again, this piece was simply lovely and tragic. Flawless and in-character as per your usual!

5/26/2017 c1 13GoodForBad





I am *this* close to crying. And you know how I feel about crying. Mother of Asgard...

Okay. First off, I love that Sif is more or less the voice of reason. Maybe there WAS once a time where she assumed the worst of Loki, where she jumped to conclusions before his guilt was firmly set in place. But Frigga changed that - and gods above, doesn't that woman just have that way about her? No wonder Thor felt this more keenly, being her son, and knowing her in an entirely different light. I like to think it was Frigga's all-encompassing love that changed the way these people feel. At least in this universe...

LOKI. God, his hurt is so much more palpable in this version - probably for the exact reason that you supplied, that he wasn't expecting Thor at that hour. In any case, I just love how you depicted the two of them (right on the money as usual). Look how quickly that escalated. Did we expect anything less from these two?

Personally, I didn't.

"You might have been with us. She might yet be alive!" I swear I felt like I was punched. Thor, you bastard. And yet...how devastatingly true. If many a truth was said in jest, can the same be said for sorrow? And can I just add how much I adore Loki's reaction - or perhaps more accurately, the lack of one? In that moment, he loses the will to put up the front. It hurts. It hurts because he knows there's a truth in there somewhere...

...and look how quickly he shifts it back. Supplies the distraction, making it about Jane.

"Heimdal sees NOTHING," Loki snapped. Oh-ho-ho. That single sentence contains waayyyy more than meets the eye. In my mind, at least. There's so little Thor knows in regards to what his brother has seen.

...and just like Loki defuses their argument on the skiff in the movie, here he knows EXACTLY what to say to get a reaction out of Thor. I love how you worked that in there, after all of our conversations. I feel like I have a special little insight. :D Look how sick I am, inserting smiley faces at the thought of Loki having his ass handed to him...

That was glorious, by the way. Because that IS what Thor would do, isn't it? He's furious, he's grieving, he's hurt. Loki's an easy target because he makes sure of it. And Thor...oh Thor, you just never know when you're being played, do you?

I love how Loki just takes it. Just takes it and crumples to the ground, bloodied and dazed, knowing it's what he "deserves."

Note: I'm in love with how you mentioned how the inside of the cell made Thor's perspective change, just a little. He never did set foot inside that place, did he?

"Why did you stop?" How funny, that was the exact same question I asked my own heart when I read that very sentence.

Screamed a little bit at the nod to the scene from the movie with Thor's, "Mother would have expected more from us." Very much in line with the "She wouldn't want us to fight." *squeal*

And and AND Loki finally gets his answer, thank the gods above. She didn't suffer, dear one. Holy crap, here comes the rising swell of emotion again...

Hands down, this has got to be my favorite part, not only in its underlying farewell to a time long gone, but in the beautiful pacing of the phrasing:

"Afraid, Thor thought, like he wanted a place to run. Thor hadn't thought of it in all the years of their youth and manhood. But he had used to be that place."


This was exceptional, no question about it. And you're going to hate me for this, but now I'm wondering how this all would have altered how the battle went down in Svartalfheim. Had these two more or less "reconciled," at this point, would Thor have been so singular-minded in the battle? Would Loki have perished?

Perhaps the real question is, how far down the rabbit hole can we go?

That was a trick question. Don't answer that.

My God woman, I'm serious: I can't get enough of these. They are my soul food and my absolute favorite part of the week. This was incredibly touching and emotional and I will never EVER get over how perfectly you capture these two. NEVER.

And thank you so very much for your beautiful shout-out. That is where I officially lost it. I hope you're happy.

May the Norns bless thee for the beauty you share with the world.


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