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for A Tour With Organized Crime

5/21/2020 c8 152cheride
Nicely done. Loved seeing the WC gang rally around their leader, even when he wasn’t at his finest. Thanks.
4/29/2020 c8 Anna
Great :)
11/6/2017 c8 Guest
Didn't realize this was finished. I am happy it is. Good story!
7/8/2017 c8 14Wondo
Perfect ending! Glad Peter is enjoying the home turf and back at White Collar.
So Peter broke a glass while watching the Yankees/Red Sox game? Somehow I don't think he was rooting for my Bosox. :)
Loved El's enthusiasm for the Giants.

Looking forward to your next fic whatever fandom. Hugs.
6/22/2017 c8 JimChou
Sorry I didn't review sooner... Just back from hospital and so glad to read the updates. Nice story, heavy on the friendship as I like it. Thanks. If you have some more from the time of the fanzine (one where we get to see some pang of jealousy against a previous CI if I'm right?), I would gladly get a chance to read it here, now that so many good writers have abandoned the fandom...
6/21/2017 c8 2rindy713
Very nice! I love the way everything wrapped up. Not surprised Peter had the Organized Crime agents pegged. And I love the breakfast and lunch "welcome back" plans. El watching the Giants and getting all riled up was funny - wondered who might be the model for that behavior ...
6/21/2017 c7 rindy713
Whew! I am very glad for the sharpshooters. That was a close one!
6/19/2017 c8 46pechika
It is always nice to see a sneaky side of Peter :D. Who knew El would be a loud spectator. Thanks for writing, reading a good White Collar story is always great.
6/18/2017 c8 Shea
This entire story was very well done. I enjoyed reading it.
6/18/2017 c1 2MaRiA.Z.A
Oh, this finished too soon. Short but exciting. Thank you for such an enjoyable story
6/17/2017 c7 14Wondo
Enjoyed the word play between Peter and Neal. Happy our boys are safe.
Please tell me this take-down will release Peter back to White Collar...
6/16/2017 c7 caseylf123
Love the banter between Peter and Neal. Great update.
6/16/2017 c7 Guest
Who is rescuing who? :-)
Loved your update and I'm sure Peter is deeply touched by his team's support!
6/16/2017 c7 46pechika
Glad the duo were rescued before any permanent damage.
6/13/2017 c6 2rindy713
Yipes! I didn't expect that. I'm starting to think Ruiz's whole team is dirty. The bad guys sure have the upper hand!
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