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for Why Cure Madness?

6/19/2017 c1 4Vahditar
I was first a bit concerned for Veezara as I thought your story is gonna be same as in the game... But no, he lives, yay! Again, good characters and their handling. Nice, short story to read.
Good work yet again.
6/18/2017 c1 11The Inspectre
Heh. Cicero is a nut. But a hilarious nut. Least he's not like Yuno Gasai. Quite accurate to the canon jester and the added touches are pretty good too. I wish more of the Dark Brotherhood had survived. Except Astrid. Nobody misses her.

Seems like the Dark Brotherhood gets wiped out every game.. Bringing back Lucien Lachance and Shadowmere at least makes it a little okay. But darn it can we have one TES game where most of them survive?

Veezara and Shata sitting in a tree, la la la la~ Maybe you could do a fic on them personally? Or more of Cicero's antics. Or more of Shata in general. Maybe even with her meeting my Dragonborn SigdĂ­s.
P.S. Nazir is best member. He likes puns. Also you need to do the Thieves Guild line. It's pretty cool and Nocturnal gives sweet rewards. Arguably as good if not better. Anyway, I liek. Write moar!
5/31/2017 c1 Ashleigh
Great story sis keep writing

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