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for Keen Eyes of the Fox

5/16 c6 4Issexwithyourcloneincest
Sooo, Naruto and yugito are just clickbait
8/8/2019 c5 2Shirou Emiya1
I mainly checked this out due to naruto and yugito being in it but... I dont see them here at all so nope not gonna read this anymore if all this is about Oc's
9/14/2018 c5 2Irusha the Kitsune
Idiotic chapter. Could be more well written... Oh wait this is my story-
8/26/2017 c5 Irusha the Kitsune
Sorry about the short chapters! Next one should be longer
6/5/2017 c1 Irusha the Kitsune
Just so everyone is aware, I first published this on Wattpad, under the name Faravus Gaming.
6/1/2017 c1 Irusha the Kitsune
Thank you DennyIsMenece, I'll be sure to correct that!
5/28/2017 c1 10gothboy.wxlf
I would like to see where this goes and it's Ozpin just thought I'd let you know

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