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7/5 c3 MayRomanoffWells-LL 888
plz update! I can't wait to read more!
6/21/2019 c3 AnyaGreen
I like this story, but I don’t understand why Ginny didn’t yell at the weasleys. It’s still amazing but it feels like a hobby thing to do to just, yell a lot, I guess. I think to continue this story there should be a conflict where the weasleys want Ginny to come back and live with them but she doesn’t want to and they try to use magic or something. The avengers can get worked up and there can be a verbal disagreement. Maybe nick fury can invite the weasleys to stay with them or something. I think these could be interesting plot points if expanded on.
6/4/2017 c2 9TheWitch243
*office which
6/4/2017 c2 TheWitch243
Dear Sakura Lisel, Fabian and Gideon attacked her when she appeared in Dumbledore officewhich was were the portkey went) because they though that she was an intruder(plus Dumbledore wans't there because he went to get one thing to help them on the misson), leaving her unconsious for a day while they were going to a misson from the ministry of a crazy fan of Harry.
6/3/2017 c2 28Sakura Lisel
Despite all her training, Ginny should yell at her 'family' and everybody else. Tell them that what they did to get her back was NOT okay, seeing how they basically KIDNAPPED her from where ever she was living. Does she LOOK like somebody whos spent the last six years being tortured or abused or whatever it was they expecting when they sent that portkey laced Hogwarts letter to bring her there against her will? Or that whoever had her all these years might be LOOKING for her even now, just like the Weasleys have been? Or that she might be HAPPY with the people whos had her all these years? They assume that now that they 'have her back' that SHE would want to STAY with THEM and NOT get back to whatever new life and family that she might now have.

Though I'm confused. What do they mean that Fabien and Gideon 'attacked' her? WHEN did THAT happen? They even said that Prewitt twins had been found three years after Ginny had disappeared, so it couldn't have been back then. Last chapter ended with her her getting the portkey letter, then waking up directly at Hogwarts, so WHEN did this 'attack on her by her uncles' happen?
5/30/2017 c1 HUNK52
Nice! Ginny usually gets no love in crossovers. I love that she's the main character in this story.
5/29/2017 c1 6JAIMOL
Interesting beginning. I'm waiting to hear how you plan to continue.

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