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for Pokemon Loud Version - Kanto

7/10 c36 KRUSA1
hope we see more of these
6/14 c36 Guest
Take your time and just wanted you to know that I appreciate your writing and hope you get back on your feet soon.
5/21 c36 KRUSA1
have you been to the silver storm youtube channel they got tons of pokemon covers a lot of them are really great as well as a couple original songs
5/21 c36 Mojoking
New reader just got caught up on everything. Honestly take as long as you need to get whatever you need settled before working on this. Readers will be here when you do post and life obligations are the priority. I’ve liked the consistency of the characters in the stories so far everyone’s departure from the canon timeline tracks and your characterization justifies the events unfolding as they have. I mostly listen to these stories on auto read so the only thing that’s tripped me up is me not noticing when an omake started. That aside the lead in portion for omakes that diverge seems longer than it needs to be although I do appreciate that a scene is established so you could read em stand alone. Honestly didn’t notice that Rusty was a reference to Pokémon rusty until professor tree popped up since it’s been years since I watched that. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the story so far and I’m excited for whenever you get the next part up.
5/3 c35 KRUSA1
why not have all 3 of Lincoln's kanto starters evolve at the same time?
5/3 c19 23mooreb
This is one of the best stories I have read in a while...this was amazing keep up the good work
4/19 c36 25AutoKnight01
Hey there. I’m sorry things aren’t going your way and I hope things start turning up for you soon. But I want you to know that I absolutely love this story you’ve given us. I actually just finished my tenth time going through everything there is so far. The way you keep everyone in character and mesh together elements from the games, anime, and comics, it’s a masterpiece.

If I could I would give you whatever assistance I can. But for now, thank you for giving us an amazing story.
4/9 c36 Momijifan Low-Ki
Sorry I'm a week late to respond to this, but I appreciate you giving us a heads up and I wish you the best of luck in finding a new place as well as keeping yourself safe and healthy.
4/8 c24 9sd74
Sableye & Tyrogue.

Omake - Detective Kogoro Mouri on the Scene!
At the culprit is! Karma!.
4/8 c23 sd74
Either "Elite/Ace" training to make them bad ass or Ranger Training due to the duo thing... probably. For the omake Ronnie and Clyde.
4/8 c22 sd74
The omake to ask Lincoln what he really think could've easily been a parody skit of a murder scene with the jacket covering his head... with more blood spray everywhere.
4/6 c12 Cielo966
One million pokèdollars is equal to 10 thousand U.S. dollars, what kind of bike was Misty riding?! It costs more than a lot of motorcycles do.
4/5 c20 sd74
Swiper, no swiping! (Team Rocket Edition) Omake.
Pinocchio Donkey Island (Pokémon/girl Edition) Omake which those 2 ran from home omake.
Pokemon Contest Alternate Intro or New region Omake.
4/5 c19 sd74
I wonder the expression of the League once ther notice the alarming captures of the I am best omake. As well as the report the trio have to give to Giovanni.

That's gotta be an legendary purposely having fun at her accidental misfortune.
4/5 c17 sd74
What if somewhere in the speech, Pikachu with a smug look supplied with the word harem and having Lincoln say it without realizing that he said it?
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